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8th – ஏ4ஏ தனது 8வது பிறந்தநாளைக் கொண்டாடுகிறது!.pdf

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1. A4A Flier – 15th August 2021
2. LFAU Letter – 15thAugust 2021
3. Dr. Jayanti S. Ravi –  New Auroville Secretary brings new hope!
4. More New land (2.39 acres) within the Master Plan thanks to you!
5. Auroville’s Land Board Part 2: The Secretarial Team
6. Glimpses from the Wonder-worker’s Hidden Hand
7. Finally Coming Home
8. ‘The Soul of Nations’ – A new book by Wolfgang Aurose
9. Inspiration from Sri Aurobindo  – a collective compilation

Dear friends and well-wishers of Auroville,

“Acres for Auroville ” (A4A) is embarking on its 8th year at the service of a unified and harmonious land base for Auroville. The journey commenced on 15th August 2014 – Sri Aurobindo’s birthday and India’s Independence Day.

Looking back on seven years of collective action, we feel both happiness and a sense of utility in the work undertaken. Happiness – because the campaign, a joint action of LFAU (Lands for Auroville Unified) and the centers of Auroville International (AVI), has enhanced awareness, unity and enthusiasm for the cause. Utility – because we see many solid and tangible results of the campaign.

With your good-willed contributions, we have given the Land Board the much-needed resources to negotiate with landowners and add over 80 plots to Auroville’s physical body ! Your donations have been supplemented by actions by Auroville units (Maroma, Joy Healing Festival, Upasana, Marathon Market participants) and AVI centers.

Long-time supporters have created books whose proceeds go to A4A  – Vikas’s “50 Poems from Auroville” and “50 More Poems from Auroville” and Nadia Loury’s “Auroville 80” (published by Prisma and by Auroville Press respectively). Some of you have donated by supporting runners in the Auroville Marathon.  Artists from Auroville, the Ashram, India and around the world have offered their creations to grow our “Art for Land” collection, bringing in precious funds for A4A  and achieving growing recognition for Auroville as a creative artistic center.

We are grateful to every one of you who has joined our unity effort, heard our appeal, put your trust in us and contributed your hard-won earnings. The land is the material base and physical body for the City of Dawn –  the unique universal township the Mother so clearly envisioned and fervently wished for.

Because donations are the only source of funding for land purchase, we sincerely thank you for your solidarity and look forward to your continued collaboration.

1. A4A Flier – 15th August 2021

Sri Aurobindo’s vision of human unity in diversity is the animating concept and force behind The Mother’s creation of Auroville. His inspiring words ring true, and today as even more essential than before.

Dr. Jayanti Ravi, the new Secretary of the Auroville Foundation, has described Auroville as a ‘unique experiment’ that can serve as ‘a beacon for the entire world’.

As we start A4A’s Year 8, we re-dedicate ourselves to serving this vision. Auroville’s designated physical body is the material base for the City of Dawn!

Link to the flier 

2. LFAU Letter – 15th August 2021

Despite all circumstances to the contrary, something within knows that life is moving towards Light and Felicity.

This view is equally true for the survival and growth of Auroville over its 5 decades.

Building a new and visionary city in hard circumstances requires faith. The growth of faith happens when you see the progress resulting from collective effort.

As we enter the threshold of Sri Aurobindo’s 150th anniversary, let us re-commit ourselves to the goal we have chosen – the creation of a unique and inspiring universal town.

Link to the LFAU letter

3. Dr. Jayanti S. Ravi –  New Auroville Secretary brings new hope!

Auroville has been blessed with the appointment of Dr. Jayanti Ravi as the new Secretary of the Auroville Foundation.

An experienced government officer with a long history of achieving dynamic and positive change, Dr. Ravi also comes with a deep understanding and personal commitment to the goals of the Auroville universal township.

Her arrival opens a new and promising chapter of further progress for the City of Dawn.

Link to the article 

4. More New land (2.39 acres) within the Master Plan thanks to you!

Exclusively funded by your donations to the « Acres for Auroville » land campaign, Auroville has added another 2.39 farming acres to its designated Master Plan area.

This new land has joined Kalpavruksha Farm, consolidating more of this vital Greenbelt area, and strengthening Auroville’s food production abilities, bio-diversity and ongoing greenwork.

We sincerely thank all of the donors whose generosity has made this new purchase possible!

Link to the article 

5. Auroville’s Land Board Part 2: The Secretarial Team

In our last newsletter, we presented the Land Board’s enormous and multi-faceted work. Supporting it all is the team of three secretaries who help keep all this vital work going on.

In February, we featured Cleo in our Newcomer article. Now we have the pleasure of presenting Jothi and Anjali, two experienced secretaries who have been working with dedication for Auroville’s land for fourteen years.

Link to the article

6. Tency – Glimpses from the Wonder-worker’s Hidden Hand

Tency – ‘a seeker of the unseen’ – has been living and working in Auroville for more than 45 years.

He started working at the Matrimandir from his arrival, is a land steward at the Center Field community, and was part of the early Auroville greening activities. He was a founding member of the CSR and is still actively involved in managing Auroville’s research organisation.

His article ‘Glimpses from the Wonder-worker’s Hidden Hand’ shares some of his Auroville adventure.

Link to the article

7. Finally Coming Home

Peter, a new Aurovilian ‘finally comes home’ and describes his long, rich path to Auroville.

His life has taken him across several countries – Hong Kong, Scotland, Tibet and India – including community life in Findhorn.

He’s worked in gardens, publishing and as a psychotherapist.

After many years of contact and experiences in Auroville, he has at last ‘come home’ … now fully immersed in the richness and aspirations of Auroville life.

Link to the article

8. ‘The Soul of Nations’- A new book by Wolfgang Aurose

‘The Soul of Nations: Healing and Evolution’ is a newly-released book  by friend of Auroville and former president of Auroville International, Wolfgang Aurose.

Wolfgang has been has been studying the subject of the Soul of Nations for many years. Together with his partner Soleil, they have given many workshops in many countries on the subjective aspects of nations and the spiritual and soul dimensions of national identity in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s analyses. Available at

Link to the article 

9. Inspiration from Sri Aurobindo  – a compilation

This August 15th inaugurates the year commemorating Sri Aurobindo’s birth 150 years ago.

To initiate this special year, we asked members of Auroville and of Auroville International to share their favorite inspiring quotes from Sri Aurobindo’s writings.

Not surprisingly, many of their choices have been taken from ‘The Human Cycle’ and ‘The Ideal of Human Unity’, but also from  ‘Thoughts & Aphorisms’, ‘Savitri’ and his other poetic writings. We thank the many contributors to this rich collection of inspiration!

Link to the compilation


There are many ways to make your donation. Please click here to know the details and recent changes for both foreign and Indian donors. When you donate, kindly send us a mail at or write a letter or call us (see contacts below), informing us of your donation so we can better track and immediately respond to your solidarity!

                                         In the 8th year of the A4A campaign, we thank all the many friends                                           who are bringing their encouragement and solidarity
for the City of Dawn, creating a dynamic space
for the ideal of human unity to flourish and grow – a hope for us all !

Thank you for joining your hands of collaboration!

In solidarity and trust in Auroville’s bright future,

                                                                                Aryadeep and Mandakini                                                                                  For the Acres for Auroville team

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