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The City envisaged by the Mother is under serious threat from speculative developers… If we do not get the land, we will not be able to build the city.

Dr. Karan Singh, Former Chairman, Auroville Foundation

The ACRES FOR AUROVILLE land fundraiser is a dynamic collaboration of Auroville International & Lands for Auroville Unified-LFAU dedicated to acquiring remaining crucial plots of missing land for Auroville. It was launched on Sri Aurobindo’s birthday, 15 August 2014, with the express goal of raising funds to make a collective gift of land for the City of Dawn.

Your donations to A4A provide the principal resource for completing Auroville’s land base – the essential physical basis for its harmonious development and full manifestation. A4A donations give the Auroville Land Board means to transform still-missing plots into new land for Auroville – for a unique city consecrated to human unity, the growth of consciousness, and models for sustainable life on our planet.

Purchase of the many designated but still-missing plots is vital for the basic needs of unifying, consolidating, nurturing, and protecting:

  • The Matrimandir – the soul of Auroville – and the sanctity of its spiritual atmosphere
  • The City Area and the creation of essential, coherent infrastructure & vital road access
  • The Greenbelt with its resources for sustainability, green sanctuary, & models for environmental living
  • The International Zone with its focus on human unity & training for peace in collective living

Thanks to the enthusiastic solidarity of so many friends and well-wishers, A4A has met its fundraising target each year since its start. This has enabled the addition of priority plots of formerly-missing land throughout Auroville’s Master Plan area (City Area & Greenbelt). These plots now host needed new housing and other essential developments, in addition to advancing Auroville’s greenwork.

ACRES FOR AUROVILLE has proved that together we can move some mountains – so let’s keep on!

Every August 15th – on Sri Aurobindo’s birthday – we begin a new cycle of the “Acres for Auroville” land campaign. The campaign’s yearly « SUCCESS BAROMETER » – in the form of The Mother’s Symbol – is displayed on this site’s A4A Donor Pages. Your donations make the petals increasingly golden, a beautiful expression of our collective progress in raising needed resources for Auroville’s missing land!

May A4A continue to be a dynamic collective action – supporting the harmonious and unified manifestation of the City of Dawn!

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