• Why is the land needed?

    In the City (urban area of Auroville), land is needed for building the four zones: housing in the Residential zone; educational, cultural and allied facilities in the Cultural zone; National Pavilions in the International Zone; small scale productive units in the Industrial Zone.

    The Greenbelt is a counterpart to Auroville’s urban life. Land in the Greenbelt will allow for Auroville’s agricultural and dairy development, environmental protection and research, education, innovation as well as alternative health-related activities besides myriads of creative undertakings.

  • How much land does Auroville still require?

    8% of the Master Plan land designated for the City (urban area); 68% of the Master Plan land designated for the Greenbelt.

  • Why is it so urgent and important?

    To protect the planned Auroville township area from incongruous development due to the continuous expansion of Pondicherry and surrounding localities.

    Securing the remaining land will allow Auroville to develop integrally and harmoniously without being  hampered by market forces.

  • Can I donate for a specific land area of Auroville to be purchased?

    Yes, you can specify the area of Auroville such as the Matrimandir area, the City Area, or the Greenbelt.

  • Who decides which land is to be bought next?

    Auroville’s Land Board negotiates and decides in close consultation with other working groups of Auroville and the Auroville Foundation.

  • Do I have a say in how the land will be used for which I made a donation?

    This is not possible because Auroville has a Master Plan and Land Use Plan which specify the use of land for specific activities and development.

  • How can I be sure that the donation I made is allocated correctly?

    We can provide the details of the use of your funds.

  • Besides fundraising, which other measures are being taken to protect the planned Auroville Township area?

    Auroville is trying to secure legal protection from the relevant government bodies.

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