Art for Land

Auroville Art Service

ART FOR LAND  is a non-commercial land-fundraiser to help secure the unified and  harmonious physical base for Auroville, the City of Dawn. All art works are donated by the artists in the spirit of generous gifting for Auroville’s land. In an action of flowing solidarity, donors make a land donation and receive a work of art in recognition of their generosity. All donations are used for securing the still-missing plots in Auroville’s Master Plan area via the Acres for Auroville campaign.

Art for Land is a collaboration of the Unity Pavilion and the Auroville Art Service with Acres for Auroville. Please visit our dedicated Art For Land website and the “Securing the Land” section in the Auroville website:

Art for Land has a stunning collection of creations in various media by artists from Auroville, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, friends in India and the AVI centers abroad. Many of the artists enjoy wide recognition as highlighted in a feature article reported by The Hindu ( Some works by artists from Sri Aurobindo Ashram are from an earlier time and have been seen and blessed by The Mother.

Art For Land Year 5 will be held at Auroville’s Unity Pavilion from January 5th 2020 –  February 21st. The exhibition of the works will be complemented by a parallel fundraiser of donated rare photographs of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Special Art for Land tee-shirts as well as prints and cards of some of the artworks will be available for donations. A large number of events – our opening and closing gala ceremonies, concerts, dance performances, inspiring presentations, fundraising meals, the Generosity Fair – will be held during the exhibition period. We warmly invite you to them all! For the events schedule:

The continually enlarged online gallery of our ever-growing and changing collection is available for viewing, along with more information at  Ongoing periodic updates on exhibition specifics and other Unity Pavilion land fundraising events can also be found at

Shipping of works from Auroville is managed by donors at their own expense. Tax exemptions are possible for land donors in India.

Art for Land is a magnificent showcase for Auroville’s great creativity and that of its friends – and it’s all to benefit THE LAND! We warmly encourage interested artists to collaborate and donate works for the land, and warmly invite donors to contribute their generosity in return!

Contact: Jaya, Rema or Devasmita at (91) 413 2623576 or