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The true attitude is this: money is a force intended for the work on earth, the work required to prepare the earth to receive and manifest the divine forces, and it—that is, the power of utilising it,—must come into the hands of those who have the clearest, most comprehensive and truest vision.

The Mother, 10.4.1968

There are many ways to collaborate. You can offer your time and your skills, your talent and creativity that could help. Please get in touch with us for exchange of views here. We shall be glad to hear your views and to answer your queries.

One of the essential requirements is the funding resource for purchasing the lands.

According to the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, money is a force meant to organize human life in such a way that it paves the way for a new and transformed world. Auroville, too, is attempt to organize human life in such a way that it prepares for a new and transformed world. Hence, in our view, a financial contribution to Auroville is a contribution to the future of humanity.


Auroville needs a unified and coherent land base for its harmonious development, and to fulfill the Mother’s vision of the City of Dawn. To this end, Auroville has two dedicated land campaigns under the umbrella of the Lands for Auroville Unified (LFAU) unit:

ACRES FOR AUROVILLE : a dynamic campaign for Auroville’s complete Master Plan area (Matrimandir, City & Greenbelt) in collaboration with the worldwide centers of Auroville International

GREENACRES: a specific action for land purchase in the Greenbelt only

OUR GOALS – securing and consolidating Auroville’s designated but still-missing land:

  • in Auroville’s City area:
    in the four central zones – Residential, Cultural, Industrial and International – that surround and protect Auroville’s heart and soul, the Matrimandir. The designated land is needed to ensure a consolidated central hub with coherent infrastructure for Auroville’s residential communities, as a support for economic viability, community services, health facilities, education, the arts, and Auroville’s actions dedicated to human unity and peace
  • in Auroville’s Greenbelt:
    in the vital forested area that encircles and surrounds the City. The designated land is needed for food production, water resources, revitalizing eroded land, protecting and enhancing bio-diversity, beauty, buffering Auroville from encroaching urban sprawl, as a base for innovative research in ecology, environmental education, and as a center for Auroville’s sustainability leadership and partnership with the bio-region

Building Auroville is an affair of the heart…
We invite your support for the campaign that touches your heart!
If your circumstances allow you to make financial contribution, please click here.



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