Auroville’s Greenbelt, with its regenerated land, international ecological expertise and site of dozens of sustainable practices, co-creates the “City the Earth Needs”:  a circular ecozone surrounding Auroville’s City Area.

Auroville currently owns less than 50% of the Greenbelt`s land. GreenAcres donations procure strategic priority plots of the missing land, as to secure its function as a demo site, training site and research campus for regenerative work. But, Pondicherry’s urban sprawl is rapidly reaching Auroville’s greenbelt; this poses a serious threat to its manifestation and ecology:

  • the Greenbelt holds a crucial function and protection for the entire Auroville township
  • a global site for research in regenerative approaches
  • an amazing achievement of returning biodiversity –  recreating the original forest and restoring soil fertility with organic farming
  • a dynamic demo-site and training center for the global ecological shift

Auroville’s Greenbelt provides critical life-sustaining functions for Auroville. Acquisition of strategic priority plots will foster immediate and long-term purposes, supporting development and protection in these critical areas:

Water – water retention landscaping and water conservation work to protect the watershed to sustain Auroville and the bioregion

Forests – afforestation has enabled substantial water recharge, as well as provided a regenerated habitat and livelihood for the bioregion.

Food – Auroville has been farming organically since 1968, combining traditional knowledge and modern bio-developments. Auroville’s farms are a unique demo and training opportunity for Tamil Nadu, India and the world.

Soil – Auroville’s extraordinary work in greening an eroded plateau, restoring red laterite with afforestation and organic farming practices has made once-barren earth green and fertile, inspiring soil regeneration projects all over the world.

Alternative Energy – Nearly all 30 Greenbelt communities run on solar, wind and biogas energy for all their energy requirements.

Biodiversity – The Greenbelt’s organic farms and forests create a significant micro-climate, providing rich wildlife habitat and sanctuary with an incredibly diverse life network. Nature’s response to care and consciousness is overwhelming.

Alternative Energy – Nearly all Greenbelt communities run on solar, wind and biogas energy for all their energy requirements.

Experiment and Knowledge Exchange – Auroville’s green expertise ranges from alternative energy, organic farming and earth architecture to recycling, afforestation, water conservation and more. Auroville’s green activities are widely recognized by Governmental and non-governmental institutions in Tamil Nadu, India and internationally.

Join us to further develop Auroville’s unique ecozone – the need is urgent!

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