About us

Lands for Auroville Unified (LFAU) is a group of Aurovilians and Auroville International members working to secure, consolidate, and protect the designated land for the Auroville project. Our work includes intensive awareness-raising and dynamic solidarity fund-raising. We maintain transparent monthly accounting for all donations received and used for land purchase.

The team is composed of Aryadeep, Mandakini (A4A, and representing the AVIs), Jothi, Joël, and Chloé, along with Sigrid for GreenAcres.

The LFAU team works in close collaboration with the Auroville Land Board whose task is to purchase and protect Auroville land and deal with all legalities involved in land matters:

Land Board members: Helena, Padmanabhan, Raja, Rajavelu, Renu,  Satyakam, Venkat
Office secretaries: Anjali, Cleo, Jothi
Resource team: Ayyanar, Krishnamoorthy, Murugan, Naveen, and Manipillai (Surveyor)
The Land Board includes a Legal Team and a Field Team

Lands for Auroville Unified – (LFAU)
Auroville Center for Urban Research (ACUR)
Town Hall, Auroville
Tamil Nadu, INDIA 605 101
Phone: +91 413 2622657 Fax: +91 413 2622055
Email: lfau@auroville.org.in

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