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The Pioneering Days……

When Auroville began, the area was a barren, eroding plateau with the odd scattered tree and a rapidly expanding network of canyons and ravines. Today the forests and farms in the greenbelt are a testament to the self-healing power of Nature when she is given the right assistance from willing and concerned people. The greening of its landscape is one of the big success stories of Auroville, for which it has received international acclaim. Read more

Protecting the greenbelt and safeguarding its natural resources on which we all depend, is today one of Auroville’s most urgent priorities. A range of possible ways of achieving this are currently under discussion. A good collaboration with the villages within and near the greenbelt, a jointly developed, far-seeing land-use plan, and Auroville’s ownership of ecologically important parts of the land in the greenbelt are key elements for its sustainable future!

Photos - Incongruous Development

Photos - Early Days