15th August – Sri Aurobindo’s birth & India’s Independence

2021 Launch of Acres for Auroville – Year 8


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For Sri Aurobindo, unity in diversity is our humanity’s natural destiny.  This universal vision is the animating concept and force behind the creation of Auroville.  Today, Sri Aurobindo’s inspiring words ring deeply true, and even more essential than before:

     “A living sense of human oneness and practice of human oneness … must always remain the highest injunction of the Spirit within us to human life upon earth.”

     “Only by admitting and realizing our unity with others can we entirely fulfill our true self-being.”

   “A living oneness full of healthy freedom and diversity is the ideal we should keep in view and strive to get realized…”

In her first message as Secretary of the Auroville Foundation, Dr. Jayanti Ravi, described Auroville as a “unique experiment … perhaps the only one of its kind anywhere on the planet.” And referring to our collective goal “towards the highest aspiration, which is what the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo underscores” – she called upon us to “to re-dedicate ourselves, to really make the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, and the vision, the dream of Mother, manifest itself as beautifully, as quickly and as firmly as possible here in Auroville – to really serve as a beacon for the entire world and mankind.”

As we launch A4A’s Year 8, we re-dedicate ourselves to manifesting this Vision.

Join us in building  Auroville’s physical body, the material base for the City of Dawn!

Please specify your donations for “ACRES FOR AUROVILLE” via check, bank transfers or online. Donating & Tax Deductibility information https://land.auroville.org/new-banking-information/ News, videos, and land information: www.land.auroville.org Contact lfau@auroville.org.in

Quotes: Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo, Volume 25 (“The Human Cycle” & “The Ideal of Human Unity”): pages 568, 48, and 520 
Acres for Auroville is a collaboration of Auroville International & Lands for Auroville Unified