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Lettre LFAU – 15 août 2021.pdf

LFAU Letter – 15 AUGUST 2021.pdf

LFAU எல்எஃப்ஏயூ கடிதம் -15 ஆகஸ்டு 2021.pdf


15th August 2021 – Sri Aurobindo’s 149th Birthday!

Sri Aurobindo: “Faith is a spiritual certitude of the spiritual, the divine, the soul’s ideal, something that clings to that even when it is not fulfilled in life, even when the immediate facts or the persistent circumstances seem to deny it. This is a common experience in the life of the human being; if it were not so, man would be the plaything of a changing mind or a sport of circumstance.” (CWSA V.29, p.89 ).

These insightful words of Sri Aurobindo reveal the secret of human strivings after perfection.  Despite all circumstances to the contrary, something within knows that life is moving towards Light and Felicity.  This view is equally true for the survival and growth of Auroville over its 5 decades.

Recently, while reviewing an Auroville-connected book, the reviewer wrote that Auroville seems to have prospered and saved not by faith but “by pluralism, tolerance,….”

While the view of the reviewer is understandable from a certain perspective, it represents only a part of the truth. To a large extent, the foundation of Auroville rests on a strong faith in the teachers – namely Sri Aurobindo and the Mother – and in adherence to the breadth of their teachings and their inspiring vision.

“It is for the growth of … faith and confidence that I am working since so many years.” wrote the Mother in reply to a letter from a disciple (MWTM, V.17, p.270)

The stories abound of people whose lives changed for good after a silent meeting with the Mother for a few minutes. The roots of many of Auroville pioneers and friends of Auroville are in those life-changing meetings. Building a new and visionary city in hard circumstances requires faith. The growth of faith and confidence happens when you see the progress resulting from collective effort, when you get strong signs of love, of grace, of help on the path, and of a living power behind the words of the teachers, and of the teachers themselves.

As we enter the threshold of Sri Aurobindo’s 150th anniversary and the 8th year of “Acres for Auroville”, let us re-visit the roots of our faith and re-commit ourselves to the path we have chosen – the creation of a unique, visionary, and splendid universal town.

With trust in Auroville’s bright future,






Aryadeep                                                                                            Mandakini


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