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“Golden Purusha”, by Ashram artist Krishnalal
CWSA: Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo https://www.sriaurobindoashram.org/sriaurobindo/writings.php



In 1972 The Mother said :

In fifty years, the whole world, all the receptive section of humanity (I am not saying intellectual, I am saying receptive), 

all the receptive section of the world will be embraced – not “embraced” – ABSORBED in the power of Sri Aurobindo’s thought. 

Mother’s Agenda, February 16, 1972 


A prayer, a master act, a king idea

Can link man’s strength to a transcendent force

Savitri, Book 1, Canto II


For it is into the Divine within each man and each people that the man and the nation have to grow; it is not an external idea or rule that has to be imposed on them from without. Therefore the law of a growing inner freedom is that will be most honoured in the spiritual age of humanity.

CWSA, Volume 25: “The Human Cycle”, page 242


… the unity of mankind is evidently a part of Nature’s eventual scheme and must come about.  Only it must be under other conditions and with safeguards which will keep the race intact in the roots of its vitality, richly diverse in its oneness.

CWSA, Volume 25: “The Ideal of Human Unity”, page 284


… to recognise a real unity between man and man…. essentially must be the aim of the religion of humanity … the ideal which was expressed first some thousands of years ago in the ancient Vedic hymn and must always remain the highest injunction of the Spirit within us to human life upon earth.

CWSA, Volume 25: “The Ideal of Human Unity”, page 568


“…only by admitting and realising our unity with others can we entirely fulfil our true self-being.”

CWSA, Volume 25: “The Human Cycle”, page 48


The individual cannot be perfect until he has surrendered all he now calls himself to the divine Being. So also, until mankind gives all it has to God, never shall there be a perfected society.

CWSA, Volume 17: “Thoughts & Aphorisms”,  page 118


For only one heart beats within my breast

And one god sits there throned. Advance, O Death,

Beyond the phantom beauty of the world;

For of its citizens I am not one,

I cherish God the Fire, not God the Dream.

Savitri, Book 10, Canto 2


A One there is in which all the entangled discords of this multiplicity of separated, conflicting, intertwining, colliding ideas, forces, tendencies, instincts, impulses, aspects, appearances which we call life, can find the unity of their diversity … the solution of their problems and disputes.

 CWSA, Volume 25: “The Human Cycle”, page 147


…The perfect society will be that which most entirely favours the perfection of the individual; the perfection of the individual will be incomplete if it does not help towards the perfect state of the social aggregate to which he belongs and eventually to that of the largest possible human aggregate, the whole of a united humanity.

CWSA, Volume 25: “The Ideal of Human Unity”, page 285


The earth is in travail now of one common, large and flexible civilisation for the whole human race into which each modern and ancient culture shall bring its contribution and each clearly defined human aggregate shall introduce its necessary element of variation …

CWSA, Volume 25: “The Ideal of Human Unity”, page 319


“The ideal society or State is that in which respect for individual liberty and free growth of the personal being to his perfection is harmonised with respect for the needs, efficiency, solidarity, natural growth and organic perfection of the corporate being, the society or nation. In an ideal aggregate of all humanity, in the international society or State, national liberty and free national growth and self-realisation ought in the same way to be progressively harmonised with the solidarity and unified growth and perfection of the human race.”

CWSA, Volume 25: “The Ideal of Human Unity”, page 395


“A spiritualised society would treat in its sociology the individual, from the saint to the criminal, not as units of a social problem to be passed through some skilfully devised machinery and either flattened into the social mould or crushed out of it, but as souls suffering and entangled in a net and to be rescued, souls growing and to be encouraged to grow, souls grown and from whom help and power can be drawn by the lesser spirits who are not yet adult.”

CWSA, Volume 25, “The Human Cycle”, page 257


… all the nations are essentially one and meant to express the Divine  Unity upon earth through an organised and harmonious diversity … Truth lies in union rather than in division.

Sri Aurobindo’s teachings as summarized by The Mother in her Declaration of 15th August 1954


 … a society which was even initially spiritualised
would make the revealing and finding of the divine Self in man
the supreme, even the guiding aim of all its activities  …

CWSA, Volume 25: “The Human Cycle”, page 266


The ascent of the human soul to the supreme Spirit is that soul’s highest aim and necesiity, for that is the supreme reality; but there can be too the descent of the Spirit and its powers into the world and that would justify the existence of the material world also, give a meaning, a divine purpose to the creation and solve its riddle…. East and West could be reconciled in the pursuit of the highest and largest ideal, Spirit embrace Matter and Matter find its own true reality and the hidden Reality in all things in the Spirit.

CWSA, Volume 36: “Autobiographical Writings”, pages 551 – 553


Whatever is consistent with the truth and principle of things, whatever increases love among men … is divine.

CWSA, Volume 12: “Essays Divine and Human”, page 54


Yet now enough that I have seized one current

Of the tremendous Force that moves the world.

I know, O God, the day shall dawn at last

When man shall rise from playing with the mud

And taking in his hands the sun and stars

Remould appearance, law and process old.

Then, pain and discord vanished from the world,

… Man once more seem the image true of God.

“The Meditations of Mandavya”

CWSA, Volume 2: “Collected Poems”, page 509



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