“The Soul of Nations: Healing and Evolution” a book by Wolfgang Aurose

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The impact of different cultures upon each other has not ceased but has rather been accentuated by the conditions of the modern world. But the nature of the impact, the ends towards which it moves and the means by which the ends can most successfully be worked out, are profoundly altered. The earth is in travail now of one common, large and flexible civilisation for the whole human race into which each modern and ancient culture shall bring its contribution and each clearly defined human aggregate shall introduce its necessary element of variation.”

Sri Aurobindo

Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo,  Volume 25, “The Ideal of Human Unity”, page 333


The City or the urban area of Auroville has four major zones, of which one is called the International Zone. The purpose of this zone is to bring out the distinguishing traits of each country through the creation of national pavilions. For example, a distinguishing trait of Japan is celebration of beauty in the physical. The mission of the Pavilion of Japan in Auroville would be to express the inner core of Japan by means of the expression of beauty in everything, and to such an extent that it would be a lighthouse for the Japanese people to see there the reflection of their nation’s soul.

The Peace Table at the Unity Pavilion in the International Zone of Auroville’s City area

Two years ago “Collaboration” – the journal of the Sri Aurobindo Association, USA – published a series of articles on the American soul by John Robert Cornell, a friend of Auroville. And now, a book on the subject “The Soul of Nations: Healing and Evolution” has been written by another friend of Auroville and a former president of Auroville International Wolfgang Aurose. Wolfgang has been has been studying the subject of the Soul of Nations for many years. He and his partner Soleil have given many workshops on the subject in many countries.

Wolfgang’s book has been published  in May this year.  We very much welcome this publication not just because it sheds light on the subjective side of the nations but also because it will facilitate the right development of the national pavilions in the International Zone.

Reviewing the book, Brant Cortright, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco wrote:

Wolfgang Aurose has written a deeply insightful and innovative exploration of the spiritual and soul dimensions of national identity. He has taken the penetrating analyses of the Integral pioneer and visionary Sri Aurobindo Ghose into new areas and expanded his work into areas of more contemporary relevance. In this age of increasing identity politics, such an approach as Aurose proposes breaks new ground in viewing the essential and soul dimension behind national identities and allows for a more expanded and evolutionary frame of understanding. This book shows high quality thinking and first-rate scholarship. At the same time readers can gain new and very helpful perspectives for the crucial role of individuals in the process of preparing themselves and their national societies for an integrated human unity.”

“The Soul of Nations. Healing and Evolution” is available in the virtual bookstore of as a print book (145 pages, $14 plus shipping) or as an ebook ($7.75). Also at Amazon and in bookshops.

It is hoped that more and more friends of Auroville will explore the subject.

Much appreciation, dear Wolfgang!


Article by Aryadeep