2.39 new Master Plan acres – thanks to your solidarity for ‘Acres for Auroville’!

2.39 new acres – thanks to your A4A donations.pdf


Exclusively funded by your donations to the Acres for Auroville land campaign, Auroville has added 2.39 farming acres to its designated  Master Plan area.

This new land has joined Kalpavruksha Farm, consolidating more of this vital Greenbelt area, and strengthening Auroville’s food production abilities and ongoing greenwork.

We sincerely thank all of the donors whose generosity has made this purchase possible!

Kalpavruksha Farm is located in the low-lying water catchment area of the Irumbai tank. The farm aims at preserving, reviving and promoting indigenous crops and endangered species, supporting biodiversity and the sustainable use of water.

Kalpavruksha produces rice, black sesame, seasonal vegetables and grains such as millets. Crops are grown on a rotational basis to preserve soil fertility; drip irrigation and inter-cropping are practiced to maximize water use. To promote biodiversity, the farm cultivates a variety of food crops – six different varieties of indigenous bananas – and a diversity of  indigenous dairy cow breeds and country hens, as well as native fish varieties.

These new acres brings us to a total of 33 acres of new land purchased in this past year, all thanks to your support and generosity!

We take this happy opportunity to remind you of the recent new banking data for making your donations

Land is the essential base for materializing the City of Dawn’s vision and for its long-term viability. All of the land that Auroville has been able to purchase in the past 7 years was made possible by your donations – the sole source for Auroville’s land. So we sincerely thank YOU – the  City of Dawn’s well-wishers and friends for your great generosity and solidarity !

And with your support, ACRES FOR AUROVILLE will continue reporting good news!!