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A4A Quarterly Report 24 November 2020




A4A – On the Path of Progress – Report of 24 November 2020.pdf

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A4A – Le Chemin du Progrès – Rapport du 24 novembre 2020.pdf

1: On the Path of Progress
2: A4A Flier for 24th November 2020
3: LFAU letter
4: New land purchases – all thanks to your solidarity!
5: New book – new solidarity – “Auroville 80” by Nadia Loury
6: Karan Singh – Doing Something Substantial for the Divine
7: Zech – Auroville’s First Newcomer from Hong Kong
8: The Force behind the Indian Renaissance and the Crucial Significance of Auroville’s Emergence
9: Art for Land 2021 – COMING SOON!
10: More Inspiring quotes from Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

Dear friends of Auroville’s bright and unified future,

We trust you are keeping well in these trying and challenging pandemic times and that you are taking precautions for your health and well-being. We are happy to present the quarterly progress report and relevant news and information:

1: On the Path of Progress

After November 24th 1926 – celebrated as “Siddhi (Realization) Day” – Sri Aurobindo withdrew to his two-room apartment for what he termed a powerful concentration for further evolutionary progress in consciousness..This landmark event was the official start of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and it paved the way for Auroville’s creation by The Mother 42 years later on 28 February 1968.

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother both spoke of the patience needed for progress and realisation – in good times and bad – for growth is gradual, with fabulous sparks of efflorescences, temporary setbacks, and also steady progress. And Auroville continues to move forward to fuller and fuller realisation, thanks to the wonderful collaboration of dedicated Aurovilians, friends, and well-wishers.

As we walk the path in today’s troubled times, the Mother’s words are once again a guidepost:

“Truth is supreme harmony and supreme delight … Thus it can be said that illnesses are
falsehoods of the body and, consequently, doctors are soldiers of the great and noble army
fighting in the world for the conquest of Truth.” (CWTM, V.15, p.154). We deeply honour those numerous known and unknown “soldiers” everywhere in the world, including members of the Auroville Covid-19 Task Force and the Working Committee, who, at a loss of personal comfort, work at the front lines of the conquest over the pandemic.

In another difficult time – in 1914 – the Mother wrote following words in Her diary known as ‘Prayers and Meditations’ – and may they inspire us too :

Pierce this darkness, let light flash forth;
Still this tumult, establish peace;
Calm this violence, let love reign;
Become the warrior, triumphant over obstacles;

Win the victory.

(Ref. Collected Works of The Mother » Vol.1. page 185)


2.Our New A4A Flier

November 24th 1926 – a milestone in Sri Aurobindo’s evolutionary yoga for the new creation upon earth – became the paving stone for Auroville’s creation 42 years later. The Mother described Auroville as “an attempt to achieve on earth a slightly more ideal life”. And she said, “Now is the time, it has to be done”. We thank Piero Cefaloni for his beautiful photo of the beckoning pathway in the Matrimandir’s Gardens. Please click here for the flier.

3.LFAU Letter 24th November 2020

Auroville has always put an emphasis on a health-inducing environment, treatments and healing – traditional, conventional, and holistic – in line with The Mother’s advice that a way to progress, is to “constantly enrich the possibilities … and ceaselessly perfect” the functioning of our physical instrument.” The Mother named the Portia tree flower « Health » and gave this significance for it: “Health is the outer expression of a deep harmony – one must be proud of it and not despise it.”– Here’s our LFAU letter for November 24, 2020.


4. New land purchases – all thanks to your solidarity!

Your solidarity is bringing continued and sustained results! Since the start of A4A Year 7 on August 15th, six new Greenbelt plots have joined Auroville – adding 6.47 acres of rich agricultural land to its resources and helping consolidate more of its designated physical base.
All of these plots have been purchased thanks to your solidarity to A4A and LFAU, and we thank all of the donors whose solidarity has made this possible! You can see here some of the photos of the new land and also some team members of the Land Board busy and happily at work plowing and planting fruit trees on these new City of Dawn plots!



5. A New book: a New Solidarity – “Auroville 80” by Nadia Loury

We are happy to announce a new photo book “Auroville 80” by Nadia Loury, the fruit of her experience as a photographer living in Auroville in the ‘80s. Nadia shares the history behind this photo testimonial to a founding period, and we include Auroville Today’s beautiful review. Profits go to Acres for Auroville – and please know that Nadia has kindly made a special gift offer for Christmas 2020!


6. Karan Singh – Doing Something Substantial for the Divine

Karan Singh has been doing his best to direct the course of “the arrow shot into the future” – the appropriate and beautiful analogy he used to describe Auroville in the Indian Parliament while making a strong case for the Government’s collaboration for Auroville during those critical times.
Here is a personal view by Aryadeep S. Acharya, with Ireno Guerci’s majestic photo of Karan Singh in the Auroville Foundation office in Auroville. dr-karan-singh-three-decades



7. Zech – Auroville’s First Newcomer from Hong Kong

Auroville’s international mix includes people from everywhere who bring their diverse backgrounds
to the collective aspiration. We are pleased to present this sharing from Zech, a newcomer from
Hong Kong and the Phillipines, who comes with a variety of professional skills, and who inspires
many of us with his writings about Sri Aurobindo’s yoga. Click the link –

8. The Force behind the Indian Renaissance and the Crucial Significance of Auroville’s Emergence

This is the title of a new research paper by Aryadeep S. Acharya, a long-term Auroville resident and the co-manager of Acres for Auroville. The paper has been published in a book The Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo by Bloomsbury USA in August 2020. The initial part of the paper tries to establish that there are deeper dimensions in many individuals that have their say in forming their destinies. Similarly there are countries, such as India, with profoundly deeper dimensions. The soul of India lies at the root of Indian renaissance. The paper then goes on to establish how the material realisation of Auroville – thanks to the vision, the worldview, the ideals and the approaches to individual and collective life – could provide an exterior means for a more perfect manifestation of India’s soul. This could pave the way for beneficial and evolutionary impacts on the Indian Renaissance and the world. The printed or the digital version of the book can be ordered here in India and here from other countries.
For a soft copy of Aryadeep’s paper, please write to



9. Art for Land 2021 – COMING SOON!

Art for Land is now starting its 6th year of sharing Auroville’s great artistic talent and bringing solidarity for Auroville’s land via A4A. With the support of the AV Art Service and A4A, the enlarged ‘Art for Land’ team is full of dynamism, skills, and fresh ideas – plus the new AFL Boutique at Unity Pavilion is opening soon. Read what’s in the pipeline for 2021!


10. More Inspiring quotes from Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

Here is a selection of words of inspiration about a variety of issues we are all facing in these challenging times – walking the path, what we should tell children, the body’s inner resources, and finding inspiration within ourselves. As always, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s words are illuminating and deeply nourishing (see below)


Step by step, the longest march
Can be won, can be won
Many stones can form an arch
Singly none, singly none

And by union what we will
Can be accomplished still
Drops of water turn a mill
Singly none, singly none

The human journey is a one long march, step by step, and Auroville has come to further that journey in the right direction. When we try to protect the planned township area and work for the best development of Auroville as mankind’s first unique universal township, we have the privilege granted to us to fuel the victory of light over darkness, hope over despair, love over hatred, harmony over disharmony, in short, consciousness over unconsciousness.

Thank you joining in the journey.

In solidarity and trust in Auroville’s bright future,

Aryadeep and Mandakini
For the Acres for Auroville team

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A4A FLIER – 24 November 2020
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