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24 November 2020 – The Path towards Realization



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On November 24th 1926 occurred the landmark that The Mother called Sri Aurobindo’s “Siddhi (Realization) Day”. This date then became the paving stone for Auroville’s creation 42 years later.

In founding Auroville, The Mother described it as “an attempt to achieve on earth a slightly more ideal life”.  In humanity’s history, it is our privilege to lay the pathway of the City of Dawn and build the step-by-step realization of its ideals.

For, as The Mother said, “Now is the time, it has to be done”

“Little by little we are moving towards our goal, which, we hope, we shall one day be able to show the world as a practical and effective means of emerging from the present chaos to be born to a new life, more harmonious and truer”

“There is a beauty trying to realise itself. This is what  you should love and draw towards you, this is what you should make the object of your dreams, of your ambitions.”

“The sign of the new humanity is a reversal of outlook and the understanding that inner means, inner knowledge and inner techniques can change the world … Auroville is the place where this new way of living is being worked out, it is a centre of accelerated evolution where man must begin to change his world by the power of the inner spirit.”

Join us to keep Auroville’s realization growing – help consolidate its designated land!

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Photo: courtesy of Piero Cefaloni – The Mother’s quotes: “Mother On Auroville” pages 20 & 3 – “What
parents should tell their children” CWTM Vol. 9 – “A Dream” August 1954; “Mother On Auroville” p. 93

Acres for Auroville is a collaboration of Auroville International & Lands for Auroville Unified