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LFAU Letter – 15 August 2023.pdf

Lettre LFAU – le 15 août 2023.pdf

எல்எஃப்ஏயூ செய்திமடல் – 15 ஆகஸ்டு 2023.pdf


15th August 2023
Sri Aurobindo’s Birth Anniversary and the start of A4A’s Year 10


Dear friend of Auroville’s marvellous future

We are writing this letter to you on 15th August 2023 – a very special day in the lives of all those who have accepted what Sri Aurobindo termed in his 1947 Independence Day message to India (full version): “my gospel of life”. Indeed, for those who have accepted Sri Aurobindo’s “gospel of life”, 15th August is a day full of deep meaning and relevance – individually and collectively. It may then be asked: “What is the best way to celebrate this special day?” Here we can be guided by two answers of Sri Aurobindo:

Question: Someone told me that only ten days were left for the August 15th Darshan. I replied that every day should be considered as the 15th.

Sri Aurobindo: “That is the right attitude. Every day should be regarded as a day when a descent may take place or a contact established with the higher consciousness. Then the 15th itself would be more successful.” (4 August 1934)

And on 13 September 1935, he replied: “As to the 15th August, well, don’t lay too much stress on it, which is after all more a general than a personal occasion — for the individual any day in the year may be the 15th — that is, the birthday or a birthday of something in the inner being. It is with that feeling that one should do the sadhana.” (CWSA, Vol. 35, p. 523)

What we can learn from the above answers is that, ideally, for us each day should be a special day as if it were 15th August! Each day brings new opportunities to cultivate openness and aspiration. Each day can be used to advance on the sunlit path. Moreover, each day could be an opportunity for the “king” to come forward and subdue the “ministers” – as Sri Aurobindo termed it in “The Life Divine”. “King” here refers to the psychic being and “ministers” refers to the mind and the life-force, the vital being.

“Blessed are those who take a leap into the future” – reads a message of the Mother, so each day is an opportunity to take a leap into the future. And for Auroville, It is worth remembering these words of the Mother as well:

“Auroville – at last a place where one will be able to think only of the future.”

A place where people think only of the future and ask how to move towards it – this may be seen as one of the ideals or benchmarks of a true life in Auroville. Then the new ways of living, new ways of dealing with the realities of individual and collective existence will open up to us.

We, at Acres for Auroville (A4A), work with this vision and understanding that Auroville’s complete and unified land base will provide a ground for the future to be dreamed, envisioned, worked out, embodied, woven into matter and life – manifested – in and through the physical body of the City of Dawn as was envisioned and intended.

With trust in Auroville’s bright future,

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