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Health and Auroville – a Perspective

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LFAU Letter – 24 November 2020.pdf

At this moment, our minds are naturally turned to health and well-being. So many of The Mother’s messages over the years have been on the body’s health and the role of consciouness. In fact, she said that for those who want to progress, one way is to “constantly enrich the possibilities … and ceaselessly perfect” the functioning of our physical instrument. (The Mother’s Agenda, 26/6/68)

Indeed, Auroville has always devoted an emphasis on treatment and healing – traditional, conventional, and holistic – with its many facilities, units, and approaches.
“Auroville … where they heal” – the Mother remarked in the context of a specific incident during the founding years of Auroville. We can infer from this that health is one area where The Mother had hopes for Auroville to be a center of advancement and an affirmative force, contributing in this area, too, of humanity’s development.

This dynamism provides one more reason why the planned township area must be protected. Creation of a healthy and health-generating environment is the necessary adjunct to providing healing therapies. This is possible and supported when the Greenbelt of Auroville and the city as a whole are protected from haphazard incongruous developments. In fact, the Greenbelt could be regarded as the lungs of Auroville – clean air, natural buffer, health-generating herbs and activities, alternative and innovative health-related undertakings would strengthen, as the Mother wanted, Auroville’s usefulness and relevance. The sky is the limit for creativity, for new approaches, new researches and new progress in Auroville.

Acres for Auroville seeks to generate resources for the Land Board for the securing and safeguarding of the planned township area – so that the spiritual as well as psychological and physical health of the world could improve significantly. All collaborations towards this goal are sincerely welcome and appreciated.

With trust in Auroville’s bright future,

Aryadeep                                                Mandakini

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