A4A August 2020 – Special Quarterly Report.pdf

2020 ஆகஸ்டு – ஏக்கர்ஸ் ஃபார் ஆரோவில்.pdf

A4A Rapport Trimestriel – 15.8.20.pdf


1. A4A Launches its 7th Year – our August 15th 2020 Flier
2. Auroville, India and the World – our Letter for August 2020
3. Thanks to your solidarity, five new plots purchased since June
4. “Art is Life” film clip – Art for Land’s interview with Dr. Kiran Bedi
5. “50 More Poems from Auroville” – the proceeds to go to A4A!
6. Aurovilian Thiru S. Mahalingam turns a Glorious 100!
7. Linda & Mike Lee – idealistic newcomers with a lifetime of skills
8. Resilience – Inspiring Quotes from the Flowers

Dear friends of Auroville’s bright and unified future,

A4A (Acres for Auroville) was inaugurated seven years ago on the special date of August 15th
– the birthday of Sri Aurobindo and the Independence of India. The A4A team takes this auspicious day as a moment for renewing our efforts and pledge to secure and consolidate the City of Dawn’s designated but still-missing land. An aphorism from Sri Aurobindo provides us with inspiration:
“Work as if the ideal had to be fulfilled swiftly and in thy lifetime; perservere as if thou knewest it not to be unless purchased by a thousand years yet of labour. That which thou darest not expect till the fifth millennium, may bloom out with tomorrow’s dawning and that which thou hopest and lustest after now, may have been fixed for thee in thy hundredth advent.” (‘Thoughts & Aphorisms”, No. 311)

1. A4A Launches its 7th Year – our August 15th 2020 flier
We were much younger when the momentous 1968 event of the Inauguration of Auroville took place. Those who were there were deeply marked by the event and over the past 52 years, so many of us have helped Auroville grow, supporting The Mother’s great vision of the City of Dawn and the goal of implanting “the consciousness of the One” in the soil of the Earth. As we step into our 7th year of collective unity and dynamism, we are pleased to share good news, acts of solidarity, and words of inspiration – beginning with our August 15th flier (in English), here (in French), here (in Tamil).

2. Auroville, India and the World – Our Letter for August 2020

The founding of Auroville took place with the endorsement of UNESCO and numerous countries in the world, thanks in part to the reach of Indian spirituality. Auroville has been welcomed and nourished in India and, in turn, Auroville nourishes the Indian Renaissance. For A4A, completing Auroville’s physical base supports both the human advance and the Indian Renaissance. Read our complete letter here (in English), here (in French), here (in Tamil)

3. Thanks to your solidarity, five new plots purchased since June!

Very good news – five new consolidating plots have been added to Auroville in the past two months.
These vital purchases are located near the Visitors Centre-European Pavilion, Kamataru, and close to the well-established Greenbelt communities of Fertile, Two Banyans, and Pitchandikulam. This now brings the total to 63 plots (58 acres) purchased since Acres for Auroville started!!

We thank all the land donors who TOGETHER have made these vital new purchases possible! Click here.

4. “Art is Life” film clip – Art for Land’s interview with Dr. Kiran Bedi

Art for Land 2020 was another great success as a showcase for the creativity of Aurovilians and friends and as a support for land purchase! The new clip “Art is Life” is an upbeat visit to the special exhibition at Puducherry’s Raj Nivas and Art For Land’s privileged interview with Lt. Governor Dr. Kiran Bedi. We sincerely thank Dr. Bedi and her staff for this encouraging opportunity – and all of the participating artists for their generous support! Our appreciation goes to Piero of AV Arts for this clip and to Auroville’s Swaram for the featured music. To view the clip, click here and to read the full article, click here.

5. “50 More Poems from Auroville” – and the proceeds go to A4A!

“50 More Poems from Auroville” is the sequel to “50 Poems from Auroville” – both created to celebrate the City of Dawn and raise funds for land purchase for the Auroville area’s consolidation. Created by Vikas Vickers with the support of AVI-UK, the two compilations showcase the wealth of talent of English-language Aurovilians and friends, and the true gift for poetry which the practice of yoga enhances. Both volumes are available at Auroville’s Visitors Centre and the Auroville online store, and the proceeds go to A4A. For a glimpse of some of the works, click here.

6. Aurovilian Thiru S. Mahalingam turns a Glorious 100!

July 1st was Thiru S. Mahalingam’s 100th birthday. We pay tribute to his rich life as an Indian Independence fighter, spiritual seeker, teacher, translator, Ashramite, and Aurovilian. In 2014, it was Mahalingam who inaugurated the launch of the A4A campaign, representing elder Aurovilians, while Sindhuja represented the youth of Auroville. We are gratified to honor Mahalingam with a varied bouquet of articles, films, photos, and a radio interview that were made about his life, and we sincerely thank all of the contributors. Click here.

7. Linda & Mike Lee – idealistic newcomers with a lifetime of skills

When people with varied skills, life experience and national origins decide to join Auroville and build their lives here, they help build the City of Dawn and strengthen its emergence as a unique universal township. These newcomers are then today’s “new pioneers” for tomorrow’s Auroville.
Linda and Mike Lee from South Africa are Auroville Newcomers bringing with them enthusiasm, maturity, and decades of valuable professional skills – both seeking to contribute to Auroville’s growing future.Click here.

8. Resilience – Inspiring quotes from the flowers

This compilation of quotes is based on The Mother’s flower messages on resilience, perserverance, hope, and realization, appropriate for the times we are living through. They also summarize our determination as A4A launches its 7th year of action for Auroville’s still-missing land. We thank Aurovilian Sven for his very beautiful photographs of flowers that blossom in the City of Dawn. Click here.

There are many ways to make your donation. Please click here to know the details. And when you
donate, kindly send us a mail at or write a letter or call us (see contacts below), informing us of your donation so we can better track and immediately respond to your solidarity!

As we start this 7th year, we thank all the many friends who are bringing their encouragement and solidarity for the City of Dawn, creating a dynamic space for the ideal of human unity to flourish and grow – a hope for us all !

Thank you for joining your hands of collaboration!

In solidarity and trust in Auroville’s bright future,
Aryadeep and Mandakini, for the Acres for Auroville team

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