Five new plots of Auroville land

Five New Plots of Auroville Land since June!

– all thanks to your solidarity –

5 new plots for Auroville.pdf

The five new consolidating plots are located in strategic areas of Auroville’s Master Plan, near:
– the Visitors Centre–European Pavilion
– the three well-established Greenbelt communities of Fertile, Two Banyans, and Pitchandikulam

These purchases bring the total of newly secured, consolidated City of Dawn land to 63 plots (58
acres) purchased since Acres for Auroville started!!

We congratulate Auroville’s Land Board on these achievements, and thank all the donors to Acres
for Auroville, LFAU, and GreenAcres who together have made these vital new purchases possible!

From these photos of untended land, imagine what they will become in the continuing Auroville
miracle of transformation – in the care of the dedicated Aurovilians who will steward and develop
these varied plots for the good of all – for the City of Dawn!