Year 7 of our unity action to secure Auroville’s designated material base!

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ஏக்கர்ஸ் ஃபார் ஆரோவில் துண்டுப்பிரசுரம் – 15 ஆகஸ்டு 2020.pdf

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We were much younger when the momentous event of the Inauguration of Auroville took place.

Those who were there were deeply marked by the event, some of us participated right from the start, and over the 52 years of its existence, so many of us have helped Auroville grow, supporting The Mother’s great vision of the City of Dawn with its inspiring goal of implanting of “the consciousness of the One”.

India, as the world’s great spiritual wisdom source and evolutionary laboratory is the birthplace of Sri Aurobindo, the home for his Ashram, and so naturally, the host for Auroville, founded as The Mother’s “next seeking”. This City of Dawn is meant to be “a collective experiment for the progress of humanity” – a “first step” for developing the “organised and harmonious diversity” for world evolution that Sri Aurobindo said was both needed and inevitable.

Today, Auroville is internationally recognized as a showcase incarnating the multiple oneness of the Human Family, and as a site of dynamic efforts to support humanity’s deep urge for unity and peace.

“All that is needed is a little soil to let the plant grow” The Mother said – a material basis for anchoring this new creation in Matter. And so a land base on Earth for the Dream was designated by India. Consolidating this “Master Plan” area, around and protecting the Matrimandir, is an essential imperative for a solid, forceful whole. But today, Auroville’s physical base is still incomplete. As Acres for Auroville embarks on its 7th year on India’s landmark date of August 15th , we invite you to continue the effort with us, as we remember The Mother’s words for the flower she named “Success of Auroville”:

“Power of Success – The power of those who know how to continue their effort”

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Quotes: Collected Works of The Mother Volume XV page 51; Volume XIII pages 209 – 210 and page 281