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நில நிதி திரட்டுபவர்களின் செய்திமடல் – 24 ஏப்ரல் 2023.pdf

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1. A4A Flier – 24 April 2023
2. LFAU Letter – 24 April 2023
3. Two New Plots Just Purchased Near Certitude
4. My Life at the Service of Truth – by Mallika
5. My Very Existence to Transform – by Sudha
6. Auroville’s Unity Pavilion & Art for Land 2022-2023
7. Inspiring Quotes – The Divine Shakti


Dear friend of Auroville’s bright future,

103 years ago, on 24th April, The Mother returned to Pondicherry for good. From an evolutionary perspective, this was an epoch-making event, bringing together the energies of “the united two” to start “a greater age” as Sri Aurobindo wrote in “Savitri”. Their combined action over several decades created a center of yogic action and inspiration – the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. It also led to The Mother’s creation of Auroville.

In his writings, one of the things Sri Aurobindo explains is that so far only partial divine “glories” have manifested in the creation. That is the reason why we see divisions and contradictions everywhere. In a broad sense, Auroville was created to lay the groundwork and be a pioneering center for an ascent towards a life founded on a sense of genuine unity – which is one of the characteristics of consciousness. Another characteristic of consciousness is dynamic energy expressing itself in innumerable multiplicities without losing the basis of unity. Auroville is meant to express that inexhaustible energy – the glorious life-force expressing itself in unlimited creativity, the township’s universal scale of undertaking, its bold dreams of material manifestation – are all symbols and realities of that energy.

This issue of our newsletter focuses on Shakti (energy) in Auroville. In addition to our A4A flier and LFAU Letter, we announce the good news of two recent purchases of Auroville land. Next, we share articles contributed by three “Auroville Shaktis” – two pioneers and a new volunteer – illustrating the creative energy that comes from an awakened and living aspiration. Finally, we finish with quotes from Sri Aurobindo’s classic book “The Mother” on the Divine Shakti – giving glimpses of the working of the feminine principle referred to by him as The Mother.

With great appreciation and trust in Auroville’s bright future,

Aryadeep & Mandakini,
The A4A team

(Photo taken by Doris and Francis)

1. A4A Flier – 24th April 2023

“Shakti” is the name for the dynamic principle of energy behind all manifestation. Each of the Matrimandir’s four entrances bears the name of one of the great Shakti forces, and we see the practical results of Shakti all throughout the City of Dawn. Auroville’s Master Plan area is the site designated for the Shakti force to lay the foundations for Sri Aurobindo’s great vision of what he said must inevitably come. But this special area needs to be completed. Please click here for the flier in English, here for la version française en pdf and here for the Tamil version

2. LFAU Letter – 24th April 2023

Auroville is an entirely new approach to individual and collective living. The aims and energy and the goal are all different in the sense that the bedrock of attempt and inspiration is ascent – ascent to the heights of a mountain top. However each Aurovilian and friend of Auroville may specifically define this goal – human unity, the soul, new consciousness, the Divine – it means rising to something higher than where we are now. And, as in every ascent, the most important thing is patience, endurance, and perseverance, born of faith. Please click here for the English version, here for la version française en pdf and here for the Tamil version.

3. Two New Plots Just Purchased Near Certitude!

Last year 14 new plots were added to Auroville’s Master Plan area and this good-news trend is continuing! We are happy to announce that 2023 kicked off with the purchase of two new plots. Both are located in the City area near Certitude, adding 2.20 acres of new Auroville land. We thank all of you who are supporting A4A’s unity action for completing the City of Dawn’s physical body and base. Dear donors, your contributions and support are achieving real results ! Take a look at the photos here.

4. My Life at the Service of Truth – by Mallika

In 1973, Mallika saw a report on French television about a visionary new place in India called Auroville. She then left everything to come to Pondicherry with her two young children, and began sharing her life between the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville. Becoming an official Aurovilian in 1986, she has devoted her life and energies to building the City of Dawn, teaching, practicing Eastern and Western forms of healing work, and helping develop the Matrimandir. Mallika’s story shares her 50 years of aspiration and dedication to the growth of “Auroville – The City at the Service of Truth”. Please click here to read Mallika’s inspiring story.

5. My Very Existence to Transform – by Sudha

Sudha first studied Sri Aurobindo’s “Savitri” and the principal books on Integral Yoga through online courses and in private study with friends. Then, after two visits to Auroville, she came to the City of Dawn from Bangalore as a volunteer via the Deeksha Program. For the past ten months, she has been participating in the rich events celebrating the 150th year of Sri Aurobindo’s birth, bringing her energy, enthusiasm and talent to the Art for Land exhibition and the week of the annual Auroville Festival, among many other actions. Sudha’s comment on this past Auroville year of personal growth and life transformation is “Wow”! Please click here for Sudha’s life story.

6. Auroville’s Unity Pavilion & Art for Land 2022-2023

Art for Land, now in its seventh year, with beauty and inspiration brings material support to A4A for the purchase of Auroville’s still-missing land. AFL is a unity action, so it’s not surprising that its “home” is the Unity Pavilion! Here is a report by pioneer Jaya, the main force behind the Unity Pavilion, and co-leader of Art for Land, of the recent inspiring actions of Art for Land and the Unity Pavilion (exhibitions, events, creations, and the encouraging solidarity received) – plus a preview of the events to come! We sincerely thank all the contributing artists and the AFL team. Please click here for the article.

7: Inspiring Quotes – The Divine Shakti

In this issue of our Bulletin, we are pleased to share excerpts from Sri Aurobindo’s booklet “The Mother”. It is in Chapter VI where he speaks of the four great Shakti powers – Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Maheshwari, and Mahasaraswati – and describes their roles for the material manifestation through their actions of strength, beauty, wisdom and perfection in works. We will continue to share excerpts from this all-important section of “The Mother” in our forthcoming August 15th issue. Please click here for the quotes.

There are many ways to make your donation. Please click here to know the details and recent changes for both foreign and Indian donors. When you donate, kindly send us a mail at or write a letter or call us (see contacts below), informing us of your donation so we can better track and immediately respond to your solidarity!

Now in the 9th year of the A4A campaign, we thank all the many friends
who are bringing their encouragement and solidarity
for the City of Dawn, creating a dynamic space
for the ideal of human unity to flourish and grow – a hope for us all !

Thank you for joining your hands of collaboration!

In solidarity and trust in Auroville’s bright future,

Aryadeep and Mandakini and Jothi
For the Acres for Auroville team


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