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LFAU LETTER – 24 APRIL 2023.pdf

Lettre LFAU – 24 avril 2023.pdf

எல்எஃப்ஏயூ செய்திமடல் 24.04.2023.pdf

24 April 2023 – The Day of The Mother’s Permanent Return to Pondicherry

Auroville is an entirely new approach to individual and collective living. The aims and energy and the goal are all different in the sense that the bedrock of attempt and inspiration is ascent – ascent to the heights of a mountain top. We will not attempt to define or limit what we mean exactly by “mountain top” since each Aurovilian and friend of Auroville can define what it means to him or her personally. For some, the mountain top may mean human unity; to others it may mean Truth; to some others it may mean the psychic being (the inner soul); to still others it may mean the Divine. Some may understand it as new consciousness. But the essential thing is – it is an ascent to something higher than where we are now.

Climbing the high mountains is an uphill task in many ways. Obviously, there are mountaineers of various calibers. Some are strong and climb swiftly. Others move slowly. This analogy applies for the Auroville mountain as well. Some are strong in their soul and are more fit to climb the ascent. Others may not be able to advance quickly along the path. Still others may remain at ground level, just at the foot of the mountain. Given the reality, the most important thing is patience, endurance, and perseverance, born of faith.

The following aphorism of Sri Aurobindo is most relevant to this greatest, grandest and loftiest endeavour that Auroville is:

“I am weary of the childish impatience which cries and blasphemes and denies the ideal because the Golden Mountains cannot be reached in our little day or in a few momentary centuries.”

Sri Aurobindo wrote the first letters of “Golden Mountains” in capitals to point out that what he meant was riches of the infinite, the riches of the supramental consciousness – its joy and peace and endless light.

Auroville is for reaching the Golden Mountains. So the first thing that we should guard ourselves from is “childish impatience”. We should have a perspective that we are in this adventure for centuries, and beyond.

Acres for Auroville (A4A) draws its moral support from this understanding and approach. Auroville is indeed far from being perfect, but we have faith and also the perspective of centuries. In that way, we can understand and relativize passing disappointing realities, and so keep our hope alive, strong, and burning bright!

With trust in Auroville’s bright future,

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