‘Acres for Auroville Flier’ – November 24, 2017

24 November 2017 – in honor of Sri Aurobindo’s Realization Day 1926

The Mother established the City of Dawn in 1968 to anchor the new unity consciousness on Earth. Now turning 50 this February, Auroville is blooming – its once-barren land is a green and creative testimony to all the years of dedication, hope, hard work, and collaboration!

Radiating out from the Matrimandir, its golden soul, Auroville has 130 housing communities with 54 nationalities, 16 schools, 22 health and dental clinics, numerous bodywork centers, sports grounds, libraries, art galleries, theaters, an auditorium, and in the International Zone for peace, a Tamil Heritage Center & several national culture centers. The land now has 1,250 re-afforested acres planted with 3 million trees, 20 farms, over 40 water-catchment structures, 500 alternative energy installations, an indigenous wildlife preserve, a botanical garden, a rare-plant herbarium, and recognized technology and sustainability research & training institutes. 228 commercial & service units and workshops serve the community and provide 6,000 local jobs. 80 local villages are linked with Auroville through its many collaborative outreach actions.

Land is the basis for these and all future realizations. But the township’s physical unity is now threatened by commercial interests that are buying Auroville’s intended, yet still-missing, land.
The time to act is now, not later! Let’s give Auroville a special 50th birthday gift – its land!!

Let’s protect the Auroville Dream & its 50 years of realizations for us all!
Join the “50th Birthday Land Gift” for the City of Dawn’s missing land!!

Please specify your donations  ‘ACRES FOR AUROVILLE’ via Auroville Unity Fund (checks & bank transfers)  – via www.auroville.com/donations/–  via your country’s Auroville International center www.auroville-international.org. More information & tax deductibility land.auroville.org
Our videos: https://land.auroville.org/video-acres-auroville & https://vimeo.com/album/3521859

Acres for Auroville is a collaboration of Auroville International & Lands for Auroville Unified