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1: A4A Flier –  21 February 2022
2: LFAU Letter –  21 February 2022 
3: Auroville Land Consolidation & Fundraising – Historical Perspectives & Milestones!                        4: Charlie & the  History of Aurogreen – Conversations with Suzie  
5: “The Adventure of Auroville was calling me” by Helen  
6: A Special Offer for New Regular Land Donors – “Matrimandir – the  Privilege” 
7: A4A Collaboration through Books
8: More Inspiring Quotes – 21 February 2022 


Dear friends and well-wishers of Auroville,

Today is the Mother’s birthday. She gave us the vision of Auroville. This is a splendid vision of the world’s first and unique universal township that can be in the forefront of India’s and the world’s renaissance. 50 years ago, Auroville was a seed, today it is a vibrant plant, still somewhat small but dynamic and growing. Former Chairman of the Auroville Foundation Dr. Karan Singh always said in different words, “You have had an extraordinary career so far – Auroville has reached a certain level. What we need now is a major push into the future.” 

That “push into the future” is being felt and witnessed these days in Auroville. The Dream-weaving for the detailed city plan has been revived thanks to the momentum and support provided by Secretary Dr. Jayanti Ravi and the energy of so many Aurovilians.

This issue of our newsletter brings you a rich array of interesting articles – besides our quarterly A4A flier and LFAU letter, you will have an article on the history and milestones in land purchase, an interview with a pioneering Greenbelter, the inspiring profile and path of a new Aurovilian, news of land solidarity coming from two new publications by Aurovilians, and inspiring quotes for the Path. We thank you for your interest and attention and continued collaboration.


1. A4A Flier – 21 February 2022

The Mother’s guidance is an ever-inspiring flame – a gift we feel with particular force in February, the month of her birth. And as we celebrate, too, the anniversary of Auroville’s foundation, we remember with warm gratitude the action and generosity of India … not just for hosting the City of Dawn, but also for actually collaborating in its progress. Sri Aurobindo had foreseen that India would play a key role in nourishing humanity’s spiritual future and that a spiritual future would be the only way forward. In this special “birthday month” of February, as we gather together in aspiration, the ancient invocations continue to inspire us in our progress towards a more luminous future. The link to our flier is here ( for English, French and Tamil versions.

2. LFAU Letter –  2 November 2021

Auroville is meant to develop into and emerge as a broad, unique, futuristic, universal township drawing light and inspiration from Sri Aurobindo’s evolutionary vision. It is a double-edged undertaking – with work to be done in the world, in matter, – and with work to be done in consciousness, one’s own and the collectivity’s. While India and the world are celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, it is appropriate to understand Auroville’s relevance to the realisation of the future he envisioned. Please click here ( for the LFAU letter in English, French and Tamil.


3. Auroville Land Consolidation & Fundraising – Historical Perspectives & Milestones !

We are happy to present a historical perspective and the milestones of Auroville’s land consolidation and fundraising over the decades, as compiled by long-time fundraiser, Aryadeep. In it, he pays tribute to the many people – Aurovilians,  government officials, eminent leaders – who have contributed their energy and devotion to the cause of Auroville’s land. Donor generosity has always played a major role. With 10% of the City and over 50% of the Green Belt still missing, the task isn’t over! Please click here ( ) for the article.


4 . Charlie & the  History of Aurogreen – Conversations with Suzie

Aurogreen is one of Auroville’s inspiring success stories. Covering about 25 acres in the northeast part of the Greenbelt, it is one of the Auroville’s oldest farms and holds the honor of being the first to be organic. Started in 1975 by Charlie, it is today managed by Charlie along with Shanmugam. In these conversations of Charlie with Auroville pioneer and neighbor, Suzie, we get a glimpse into the immense challenges of these early days – planting, eating, water, survival – and the ingenuity it took to succeed. We are grateful to Charlie for sharing the adventure of Aurogreen’s step-by-step growth, and his 47 years of intensive work building Aurogreen. The Aurogreen story and photos are here (


5. “The Adventure of Auroville was calling me!” by Helen

After years of forward-thinking professional work and idealistic service, personal trials, and solo travels throughout rural Asia, English-born Helen became an Aurovilian in early 2021, contributing her many skills and enthusiasm. “Auroville continues to fascinate me every single day. I feel lucky and inspired to be surrounded by so many people of such diverse backgrounds bound together through their passion to discover new ways to live.” Here ( we are pleased to share her inspiring views and journey.


6: A Special Offer for New Regular Land Donors –  “Matrimandir – the Privilege”

A SPECIAL DONOR GIFT OFFER: “Matrimandir – the Privilege” is a beautiful collection of inspiring poems by Aurovilian Anandi, combined with majestic photos of the Matrimandir.  This lovely production is sponsored by AVI-Netherlands – and to encourage regular land donations to A4A, it is offering free copies of “Matrimandir – the Privilege” to the first 6 people who say they will become regular A4A donors for a year by making donations in the amount of their choice via monthly or quarterly donations. Take a look at the beauty of sight and sound, enjoy, and be inspired!
Please click here ( to know more about the book.


7: Dr. Joseph Vrinte – A4A Collaboration through a book

We are happy to announce that the stream of collaboration for A4A continues with the publication of « Reflections upon Psycho-Spiritual Obstacles on the Journey to the Divine – an Insider’s View » by Dr. Joseph Vrinte, an Auroville resident from The Netherlands for the past twenty years. The book is a combination of a rewarding inquiry into the processes of Integral yoga and of integral psychology, and an inquiry into Auroville’s raison d’etre and relevance. The proceeds of the book’s sales go to Acres for Auroville to support land purchase. Dr. Joseph has also gifted several copies for land donors.

If you as one of our donors wish to have a copy, please let us know. We are very grateful to Joseph for his generous collaboration. You can read the offer here. (

This link ( will take you to the review of the book published in the latest issue of Auroville Today.


8: Inspiration from Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

 Here ( are seven inspiring quotations of wisdom and guidance on self-development – and on the aspiration that helps us have a compass and keep confidence during the process . Collected and presented by MirraBliss, we are again grateful for this sharing! More quotes can be found at


There are many ways to make your donation:

Please click here  ( to know the details and recent changes for both foreign and Indian donors. When you donate, kindly send us a mail at or write a letter or call us (see contacts below), informing us of your donation so we can better track and immediately respond to your solidarity!

                            In the 8th year of  the A4A campaign, we thank all the many friends                              who are bringing their encouragement  and solidarity
for the City of Dawn, creating a dynamic space
for the ideal of human unity to flourish and grow – a hope for us all !

Thank you for joining your hands of collaboration!

In solidarity and trust in Auroville’s bright future,

Aryadeep and Mandakini
For the Acres for Auroville team




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