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21st February 2022

Auroville and Sri Aurobindo’s 150th Birth Anniversary

While India and the world are celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, it is appropriate to understand Auroville’s relevance to the realisation of his evolutionary vision. On the occasion of Sri Aurobindo’s birth centenary in August 1972, the Mother gave several inspiring messages. Two of them were as follows:

“Sri Aurobindo’s message is an immortal sunlight radiating over the future.”

“Sri Aurobindo shows us the way towards a glorious future.”

Auroville is meant to develop into and emerge as a broad, unique, futuristic, universal township drawing light and inspiration from Sri Aurobindo’s “immortal sunlight radiating over the future”. To the extent that Auroville succeeds in imbibing – and radiating – this “sunlight”, Auroville will be able to contribute to a “glorious future”. This explains why the Mother, referring to her advice to some disciples who were giving their energy and time to developing an organisation called World Union in Pondicherry, told Satprem:


“I tell people that the creation of a city such as Auroville has more weight in the history of the earth than all the groupings in the world.” (Ref. Mother’s Agenda, V.8, p.253)


Auroville is a double-edged undertaking – with work to be done in the world, in matter, and  with work to be done in consciousness – one’s own and in the collectivity and group soul.

Acres for Auroville” is directly related to the work in matter. It, in fact, provides the matter, the material foundation for the embodiment of vision and consciousness. All fresh energy, all the fresh momentum for the growth of Auroville has to be understood and appreciated as one of the best ways to celebrate Sri Aurobindo’s 150th birth anniversary.

With deep gratefulness, we appreciate all collaboration from the friends and well-wishers of Auroville.

With trust in Auroville’s bright future,


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