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Auroville was founded as a forerunner and a living experiment for the creation of human unity, with the teachings of Sri Aurobindo at its base. The year 2022 is « The 150th Year » celebrating the 150th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s birth. Fifty years ago, as transcribed in «The Mother’s Agenda» of 16th February 1972, The Mother said on the subject of Sri Aurobindo’s thought:


«In fifty years the whole world, all the receptive section of humanity (I am not saying intellectual, I am saying «receptive»), all the receptive section of the world will be embraced – not embraced, ABSORBED in the power of Sri Aurobindo’s thought. Those who already are, have the good fortune of being the first ones, that’s all.»


In this special 150th year, many worldwide friends are celebrating the great contributions of Sri Aurobindo to humanity with articles and talks that provide clarity and rich inspiration for our present times, and for the way forward. We are pleased to provide a few of these sharings as resources, along with their contact information.


* The «Sri Aurobindo’s Action» Journal and its April 2022 Issue

«Sri Aurobindo’s Action» was started by the Mother in June 1970 along with a monthly journal by the same name which the Mother called «the Journal of India’s Resurgence». The Sri Aurobindo Action journal has been published non-stop since October of that year.

From the August-September 2021 issue till the August-September 2022 issue, the team is presenting a special series for Sri Aurobindo’s 150th birth anniversary. The issues are curated by different contributing members of the team along with the editors and each provides a wealth of information and inspiration.

The new April issue is part of this special series and is especially dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s writings on Human Unity, with a rich and accessible panorama of deeply relevant subjects.

To read the April issue of the journal, please click here:

More about the Journal: two issues are available for download on the website throughout the year. The team publishes a variety of books in several langages and conducts research into all aspects related to India’s Resurgence and Human Progress in general to arrive at practically applicable spiritual solutions, in addition to holding special events within India. Sri Aurobindo’s Action offers a PDF version of its journal by email to all its subscribers, and a printed copy by post to subscribers in India. (Rs. 600 for the email version for 10 years and printed copy for 5 years).

Sunaina Mandeen, co-editor with Manju Bonke, writes, «Most of the early subscribers have been life members since 1970, and we are always eager to get the next generation join in as subscribers. As editors, our aspiration is to continue to follow the Mother’s guidelines to inspire all towards India’s resurgence and its contributions to humanity.» 

For more information on the Sri Aurobindo’s Action journal and how to subscribe, please contact:

The inauguration of Sri Aurobindo’s Action in June 1970 with Sri Aurobindo Ashram sadhaks including Sri Nolini Kanta Gupta, Sri Aurobindo’s first disciple (standing 5th to the right of the photos)

* The Souls of Nations

In “The Ideal of Human Unity” Sri Aurobindo wrote:

“The earth is in travail now of one common, large and flexible civilisation for the whole human race into which each modern and ancient culture shall bring its contribution and each clearly defined human aggregate shall introduce its necessary element of variation.”   

Sri Aurobindo, Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo,  Vol. 25,  p. 333

Highlighting the souls of nations, meaning the spiritual and soul dimensions of national identities, is part of The City of Dawn.  The International Zone of Auroville’s City Area has as one of its purposes the bringing out and sharing of these souls of nations, their distinguishing traits and  contributions to the world.

The subject of the souls of nations is receiving increasing interest, study, and attention. In our August 2021 newsletter we communicated the release of « The Soul of Nations: Healing and Evolution » by Friend of Auroville and former President of Auroville International, Wolfgang Aurose.

Now we are pleased to share a talk by Matthew Andrews, President of Auroville International USA, and co-founder of Shraddha Yoga, a teaching center based in Amherst, Massechusetts, USA.

On February 24th, Matthew was invited to be a panelist for an online conversation about the souls of nations that was hosted by the La Grâce, Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center based in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, USA.

Matthew begins his presentation with a quote by Sri Aurobindo: «The soul…is greater than its instruments» and develops the premise that «a soul — whether of a person or a nation — cannot be understood by thinking about it. It has to be touched directly.… The heart can know a soul in a way that the mind cannot. It has to be felt by going inside … to experience essence. The heart can directly reach through ideas and touch the essence.  It is only through love that we can know the soul of a nation.»

The link to Matthew’s talk:

Matthew is also known as a creative musician whose joyful songs directly touch the soul. In our past newsletters we have highlighted his stirring but serene creations such as «Let it Open», «Play Me Like a Flute» and many others.

A link to Matthew’s music is here:

* Resources and Contacts

Shraddha Yoga Center: Shraddha is the Sanskrit word for faith and faithfulness. The center «values the cultural and spiritual richness of India, birthplace of the yoga traditions, and sees Yoga as a path of self discovery and union.»

La Grâce Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center «supports the process of self-discovery and the development of consciousness on all levels of the being in the light of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.… We believe humanity is at a critical inflection point … we have chosen to be active participants in this developing new world paradigm». Their 2022 Sri Aurobindo Integral Yoga Retreat is dedicated to Sri Aurobindo’s 150th Birth Anniversary (in South Carolina, USA from June 29-July 3).

«The Soul of Nations – Healing and Evolution» by Wolfgang Aurose is available in the virtual bookstore of as a print book (145 pages, $14 plus shipping) or as an ebook ($7.75). Also at Amazon and in bookshops.

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