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LFAU Letter – 21st February 2021.pdf

LFAU – 21 பிப்ரவரி 2021, லேண்ட்ஸ் ஃபார் ஆரோவில் யுனிஃபைட் (எல்எஃப்ஏயூ) கடிதம்.pdf

Lettre – Lands for Auroville Unified.pdf


“Auroville: At last a place where one will be able to think only of the future.”

(“Auroville in The Mother’s Words”, page 4)

This was an integral part of the message that the Mother wrote about Auroville. Today, more than half a century later, the study and research of the emerging future has become the preoccupation of numerous individuals around the world. This is so because the pace of progress and innovations in technologies has reached a stage where one of the ideals of Auroville, namely “constant progress” has become a reality. The phrases such as “Change is the only constant” and “Transforming the world” have become commonplace and universal in use. All this reminds us of Sri Aurobindo’s words about the Mother’s embodiment:

“There is one divine Force which acts in the universe and in the individual and is also beyond the individual and the universe. The Mother stands for all these, but she is working here in the body to bring down something not yet expressed in this material world so as to transform life here…”

(Ref. SABCL 26:49-50)

February is the month when the Mother was born. February is also the month when her major creation during the last phase of her life in the body, namely, Auroville was born. February is also the month when that “…something not yet expressed in this material world so as to transform life here” – namely, the supramental consciousness – descended upon earth. When a question was put to the Mother about the time gap between the descent of the supramental consciousness and the birth of a new world, she replied, “Half an hour later”. Thus, a new world, too, was born in February.
Beholding in awe and celebrating in gratitude this special month and these extraordinary conjunctions, let us re-dedicate ourselves for the new creation upon earth – and, in that context, the Auroville creation. Our actions and efforts for a unified physical base of Auroville are expressive of this aspiration because Auroville has a vision and the ideals, inspiration and a “philosophy” which were never before available to earth. No utopian undertaking had ever had the Auroville level of comprehensive knowledge, the bold and daring vision, and the support of a conscious force.

With trust in Auroville’s bright future,

Aryadeep                                                Mandakini

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