A4A FLIER – 21st FEBRUARY 2021


Land Campaign

21 & 28 February 2021 – The Mother’s & Auroville’s Birthdays


Staying True to Our Promises & Goals!

A4A Flier – 21 & 28 February 2021.pdf

Dépliant A4A – Campagne pour les terres.pdf

A4A – 21 பிப்ரவரி 2021, ஏக்கர்ஸ் ஃபார் ஆரோவில் (ஏ4ஏ) துண்டுப்பிரசுரம்.pdf

This photo of new Auroville land is just one of the many recent purchases by Auroville’s Land Board. In the past eight months, 30 new acres joined Auroville, with more new land on the way!

We warmly thank all the donors who have made this possible – and our sincere thanks go to all the sellers whose goodwill has brought the benedictions of shared harmony coming with the new land!

ACRES FOR AUROVILLE started as a consecrated action with these goals: creating a new energy with a new unity of purpose for buying the City of Dawn’s missing land. Our aims are to make true progress in consolidating its designated Master Plan area and bring the land for assuring Auroville’s long-lasting viability. And along with our goals, we’ve made these promises and continue to keep them: transparency, accountability, and the use of your donations for land purchase only.

This week we honor The Mother’s Birthday and Auroville’s Inauguration. With 75 parcels of new land purchased to date – all thanks to your collaboration – we have come a long way since A4A’s start on Sri Aurobindo’s birthday 7 years ago! So we continue on with our goals and with our promises – with consecration, confidence, and growing collaboration – for as The Mother has said:

“Now is the time, it has to be done”

Join us in our consecration for realizing Auroville – help to consolidate its designated land!

Please specify your donations for ‘ACRES FOR AUROVILLE’ – via check/bank transfers to Auroville
Unity Fund; via your country’s AVI center: https://www.auroville-international.org or online via
https://www.auroville.com/donations/ Donating/Deductions & Info: https://land.auroville.org/a4adonations
News, videos, and information: https://www.land.auroville.org Contact: lfau@auroville.org.in

Acres for Auroville is a collaboration of Auroville International & Lands for Auroville Unified

Photo: courtesy of the Land Board; Quote: The Mother, L’Agenda de Mère, 23/04/1966; Vol.VII, pp 95-96