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Lands for Auroville Unified

Auroville Centre for Urban Research, Administrative Area, Auroville 605 101, Tamil Nadu, India

East and West meet in Auroville

“East and West have the same human nature, a common human destiny, the same aspiration after a greater perfection, the same seeking after something higher than itself, something towards which inwardly and even outwardly we move…

There is a common hope, a common destiny, both spiritual and material, for which both are needed as co-workers. It is no longer towards division and difference that we should turn our minds, but on unity, union, even oneness necessary for the pursuit and realisation of a common ideal, the destined goal…”

Sri Aurobindo in “A Message to America, 15th August 1949

Sri Aurobindo began his 1949 message by writing: “I have been asked to send on this occasion of the fifteenth August a message to the West, but what I have to say might be delivered equally as a message to the East”.  And his message is entirely relevant to Auroville, because Auroville was founded for fostering a united humanity.

People from East and West have made Auroville their home with a common aspiration, a common approach to life, a common worldview and vision of the future. That’s one reason why Auroville constitutes a laboratory on a grand scale. The experiment is not visible, not evident as in a scientific laboratory where, broadly speaking, two or more material objects are worked upon. Here, the question is not of material objects, but of matter and spirit. Even more, matter opening up and guided by the spirit with a greater and truer consciousness organising all the activities of life that are open to it. From a certain perspective, the world itself is becoming a laboratory and Auroville has the advantage and privilege of being the first mover.

The deepest aspiration behind the Acres for Auroville campaign is to make the material base for this vision available in all its plentitude … to have a consolidated base for the laboratory of matter and spirit that is Auroville to function, to grow, to expand to the fullest breadth possible as a unique universal township.

This year, A4A will step into its sixth year. The campaign has become an integral part of the Auroville dynamism and mosaic. We gratefully acknowledge all the collaboration which has brought the journey thus far. Together we have made significant contributions to the goal – in Year 6, let’s go even further!

        Aryadeep                                                                           Mandakini

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