Green Acres Update – July 2016

GreenAcres Update – July 2016

GreenAcres started off just a year ago as a campaign for 20 priority plots in the Greenbelt. We are happy to announce that a tiny bit more of Auroville will manifest with the donations which have come in! This is mainly due to donations coming in through AVI-USA, several passionate donors who are well-connected to Auroville, and some regular Aurovilian donors. However, we do need more Aurovilians involved to expand the campaign.

This update is meant to encourage Aurovilians to promote GreenAcres with their green contacts in India and abroad. We would like to develop support for Auroville’s ecological work from like-minded organizations and potential donors in India and abroad for 2 purposes:

  • To receive donations directly for land purchase for the priority plots.


  • To sponsor new eco-projects (organic farming, soil and water conservation, use of solar and wind energy), including land purchase.

We are starting to work with Aurovilian project professionals in this direction. However, we are urgently looking for a person/persons to give their energy, time and skills to enhance the GreenAcres campaign. Have a look at our fundraising videos on , and our project proposals in the donor login, and be inspired to join us for a vital challenge for Auroville’s future!


In solidarity for a Green Auroville,

Sigrid & the GreenAcres Team