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Our 2021 New Year’s Card

Our 2021 New Year’s Card for the Land
Auroville Welcoming 2021!

NY’s card – webpage NEWS post.pdf

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Notre carte de Nouvel An 2021.pdf

Dear Friends of Auroville’s Beautiful & Harmonious Development,

The New Year 2021 is upon us. We are happy to report that the year gone by has seen success with the purchase and consolidation of 13 new plots (comprising 12 acres & 12 cents) by Auroville’sLand Board in the planned township area, mostly in the Green Belt – and all thanks to your generous contributions!

Our annual New Year’s card, shown above, is a way to connect with you and to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for your contributions and collaboration, and to let you know that the efforts for providing a unified ground for Auroville’s flowering are continuing unabated.

Besides this e-version, we will be sending a printed copy of our New Year’s card by post to our donors and friends in India and abroad, thanks to the patronage of a benefactor. Due to postal limitations at this time, overseas donors will receive their cards from the AVI of their country or from Mandakini and Vibha in France, and your card should arrive in mid-January. However, if you don’t want to receive the card by post, please drop us a line at

We take this opportunity to thank Om and Julie, two new-generation aerial photographers of Auroville, for the cover photo; to Marco Saroldi for his photo of the New Year celebration at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture; to Jasmin for her valued feedback; and finally to our ever-creative Aravinda who did the design and printing so the beautiful card could see the light of day.

Let It Open – a Musical Gift for the New Year!

Matthew Andrews, President of the AVI-USA Board and founder of Yoga Center Amherst, has gifted us with “Let It Open”, his musical debut album, to accompany our card. In these songs, Matthew weaves lyrics with Sanskrit mantras to create a musical summons for seekers of light.
You can listen to the tracks or download the music here: .

Matthew has set up his page for unlimited free streaming through the end of January, so you can listen as much as you like! His music is also available on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc).

One particularly moving song, sung by Matthew with David Newman and Brenda McMorrow, is based on a mantra that Sri Aurobindo wrote for a disciple in 1938

“OM Sri Aurobindo Mirra
Open my mind, my heart, my life
To your light, your love, and your power
In all things may I see the Divine”

You can see this prayer in Sri Aurobindo’s handwriting along with the context at

We sincerely thank Matthew for his generosity in sharing his inspiring music to support our work for Auroville’s designated but still-missing acres.

Each year, your donations have brought Auroville closer to a more consolidated physical base.
Present circumstances show that your support remains vital, and precious. Solidarity works – so let us keep up our collective dynamism!

By supporting Auroville’s harmonious land consolidation, you strengthen Auroville’s ability to be a shining beacon of light!

With confidence in Auroville’s bright future, our sincere appreciation, and our warmest wishes for a

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021!

Lands for Auroville Unified (LFAU) and its two campaigns

“Acres for Auroville” (ALL Master Plan land) & “GreenAcres” (Greenbelt only)

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