“Youth that never ages” – 1st Quarterly Update from Acres for Auroville (Year 6)

“Youth that never ages” – 1st Quarterly Update from Acres for Auroville (Year 6)

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Auroville  is now home to a third generation of Aurovilians – the children of the children of the first pioneers are now living and contributing to its life and dynamic development.  So obviously, Auroville is happily here to stay! On this November 24th we commemorate the 83rd anniversary of a great evolutionary victory in the life of Sri Aurobindo. This milestone paved the way for a new creation upon Earth and laid the roots for the establishment of Auroville. In honor of this special date, we present  many aspects of Auroville’s 51 years with a particular focus on the values of youthfulness and the constant progress that are enshrined in its Charter.

Please find the new flier of Acres for Auroville and the accompanying LFAU letter on the secrets of youthfulness and how we can cultivate it in Auroville, and in ourselves.  We contextualize our letter with the message that consolidating Auroville’s geographical base is in essence a quest for an environment conducive to constant progress and “a youth that never ages”.

Our work is growing!  We are happy to share several items of good news, including our new Facebook page. For our old friends who have followed us on COLAAP-Lands for Auroville, we invite you to henceforth follow us on the new page dedicated to A4A.

LFAU and A4A are also very happy to announce the new collaboration of JOËL, NADIA, and DAXA who are assisting with the diverse aspects of our work. (Nadia’s baby Laila, is the little girl on the right side of our cover photo!)

We also take this opportunity to thank two Auroville units – Upasana and Joy Community – for creating special fundraising events in support of A4A during this quarter.

Your land donations have funded over 60 acres of previously-missing Auroville land, and we are happy to share what is happening on the land that YOU bought for Auroville. This issue features an update by Herbert on the new acres purchased by Auroville’s Land Board to expand Siddhartha Farm, one of Auroville’s oldest, a major rice-producer (but not only) for Auroville and an early practitioner of organic and traditional farming methods.

Our regular feature on Auroville’s pioneers this time focuses on Unity Pavilion’s Jaya, who first came to Auroville’s early barren landscape from Sweden in 1971 as a young girl of 19. Her experiences and contributions over the decades are a beautiful narrative of Auroville’s growth in the service of human unity. Now a grandmother, her family continues its decades-long commitment to the City of Dawn (the baby on the left of our cover photo is her grand-daughter Una).

“Auroville’s newcomers” is one of our regular features too. In this issue, we highlight the arrival of Auroville-born babies, newcomers in every sense – and the midwives who bring these babies into the world. Here we present a report from Hilde, Auroville’s longstanding and beloved midwife, with her 42 years of delivering hundreds of Auroville babies to their grateful and joyous parents. (In February, we will present the report by more-recently arrived midwife Paula and the new “Morning Star” Project’s team.)

Finally, we close this issue with a collection of The Mother’s inspiring quotes on progress and how to stay young.

Acres for Auroville (A4A) fundraises for missing plots in the entire Master Plan area designated for the City of Dawn.

For information, campaign news, and our videos: https://land.auroville.orgIt’s easy to donate by check, bank transfer, and online by credit/debit card. Tax deductibility is available for Indians donating from India, and via the majority of the AVI centers. Here’s all the info you need  https://land.auroville.org/a4adonations

We thank all the many friends who are bringing their solidarity
for the City of Dawn, creating a dynamic space
for the ideal of human unity to flourish and grow – a hope for us all !Thank you for joining your hands of collaboration!In solidarity and trust in Auroville’s bright future,Aryadeep and Mandakini
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