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A Big Thank You from Art for Land 2021


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The Art for Land 2020 Exhibition had hardly closed when the Corona lock-downs struck us. No one knew what was happening, the whole world, every country was affected, and in India things simply came to a standstill for many working places and projects. After some months, strictures slowly eased but everything was still the unknown.

Towards the end of the year we decided that we wanted to and would be able to hold the Art for Land Project even if reduced and maybe in other ways than before. So, people came forward, gathered together and got moving, trying to cover the various fields of work, – some well-known areas for us but with new staff doing the work, websites to be upgraded and a lot of human talent to find their place and contribute their expression to the project.

For those of us who did the work, this feels like our best year, expression-wise. The Exhibition was really excellent, and we received lots of appreciation and comments about the professional standard it reached. The fundraising events involving Aurovilians and friends from India were great and a series of interactions with artists was initiated, something we very much want to extend in the coming years.

It was a beautiful and inspiring collaboration of so many people who contributed their time, talents and skills – artistic, musical, technical, organizational, with creative workshops for all ages, stimulating conferences, dance performances and Zoom concerts – to make Art for Land 2021 the great success it was. “A Tribute to Love” of music, songs and recitations in several languages for land fund raising can be seen on YouTube:


And there was the annual Generosity Fair – a great community favorite! Many friends contributed useful items to the Fund raising Fair and delicious bakes and snacks to the Afternoon Tea Party. As the Fair was open from the morning, there was also an ongoing Pancake Bake and refreshments throughout the day for those who needed a snack.

Artists from Auroville and the Ashram gave generously of their artworks, and one of the last events was a Special Artists Tea get-together, which was for us a small way to express our great gratitude for their solidarity. Art for Land, in addition to its fund raising success, is now becoming a recognized platform highlighting Auroville as a dynamic artistic hub.

The final event was a Fund raising Raffle. One artist had offered an unusual work – a “Blue Divine” restored vintage sports cycle, hand painted in a beautiful blue-on-blue design. It was contributed as the prize for the tombola, and it was taken all over Auroville by a very energetic friend raising contributions, and inciting the hope of winning in many hearts!

Several youth gathered for the drawing, and while maybe disappointed when the winner wasn’t one of them, all still went together in good spirits to hand over the cycle to the surprised winner who was just celebrating – yes, guess, HIS BIRTHDAY with his family! A short video recorded the moment when they knocked at his door with the cycle – a great example of transcending of one’s own desires and of truly enjoying contributing to someone else’s happiness!

We want to thank all the many people who were part of making the Art for Land Exhibition and Events happen. And even now, in 2021, with Covid still hanging over us, we continue to get inspired, with ideas that keep coming on how to move forward.

Art for Land brings Money towards securing the Land for Auroville, and stimulates appreciation of Beauty, Sharing and Appreciation of Talents, Happiness, Enjoying and Celebrating together and the joy of its Streams of Generosity. So we look forward with great assurance and trust towards helping complete what Mother asked us to do for the land. Together we’re making it happen and all the large and all the small contributions, all matter. Together we are ALL building a Ganga of Aspiration and Realization for the Land.

Auroville, 24th April 2021


Acres for Auroville sincerely thanks all who gave their time and creativity so generously to create the very beautiful Art for Land Exhibition 2021 with its rich program of land fundraising activities. The funds raised from the art sales and the donations at the events go for purchase of Auroville’s missing lands via the A4A campaign. We specifically thank the AFL team… and also, so many people more!


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