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Start Upcycling Auroville

The Upcycling Shop present objects made by “Upcycling studio”, as well as woodwork and other artistic creations from several Aurovilian upcycling designers. All products are made  – otherwise – waste materials.  Further one finds the research and educative games designed by “Wasteless” such as “KNOW Your PLASTICS” and “Garbology 101”. Several design books are on display to encourage people to create from waste and start their own initiatives!

Upcycling Studio plans to run small workshops, display an environmental exhibition and will screen short films on Upcycling and environmental topics at their new shop. The construction of the building was made possible with a CSR grant (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Start Upcycling is an international movement funded by the EU, and Upcycling Studio and Wasteless are part of it. A next step will be  the construction of a building housing the Ecoservice, Upcycling Studio and Wasteless altogether under one roof.

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