Remain Young – Never stop striving for Perfection

Remain Young – Never stop striving for Perfection

Remain Young – Never stop striving for Perfection.pdf

(All quotes are from “Collected Works of The Mother” unless otherwise indicated)


The best way of not becoming old is to make progress the goal of our life.

Volume 12, p.123

To know how to be reborn into a new life at every moment is the secret of eternal youth.

Volume12, p.124

The definition of youth: we can say that youth is constant growth and perpetual progress – and the growth of capacities, possibilities of the field of action and range of consciousness, and progress in the working out of details.

Volume 8, p.20

Eternal youth: it is a gift the Divine gives us when we unite ourselves with Him.

Volume15, p.124

There are young people who are old and there are old people who are young. If you carry in you this flame for progress and transformation … if you are always open to a new progress, a new improvement, a new transformation, then you are eternally young.

Volume 3, p.238

Sincerity, humility, perseverance and an insatiable thirst for progress are essential for a happy and fruitful life. Above all, one must be convinced that the possibility of progress is unlimited. Progress is youth; one can be young at a hundred.

Volume 16, p.431   

From the moment you are satisfied and aspire no longer, you begin to die. Life is movement, life is effort; it is marching forward, climbing towards future revelations and realizations. Nothing is more dangerous than wanting to rest.

Volume 15, p.82   

To be young, to be really young, we must always, always keep on growing, developing, progressing. Growth is the sign of youthfulness and there is no limit to the growth of consciousness. I know old people of twenty and young people of fifty, sixty, seventy.

Volume13, p.313

…When you feel that what you have done is just the starting point of what remains to be done, see the future like an attractive sun shining with the innumerable possibilities yet to be achieved, then you are young, however many are the years you have passed upon earth, young and rich with the realizations of tomorrow.

Volume 12, p.123

There is an old age much more dangerous and much more real than the amassing of years: the incapacity to grow and progress.

Volume 3, p238

Only those years that are passed uselessly make you grow old. A year spent uselessly is a year during which no progress has been accomplished, no growth in consciousness has been achieved, no further step taken towards perfection.

Volume12, p. 122

The effect of the ego … is to shrivel the being. It is the cause of aging, it dries you up – the being shrivels under it like a withering flower.

The Mother’s Agenda, 2/10/1961

Concentration upon oneself means decay and death. Concentration on the Divine alone brings life and growth and realization.

Volume14, p. 14 – 15

Consecrate your life to the realization of something higher and broader than yourself and you will never feel the weight of the passing years.

Volume 12, p.122   

… someone told me, “So one is no longer young when one stops growing?” I said, “Of course, I don’t imagine that one grows perpetually! But one can grow in another way than purely physically.” That is to say, in human life there are successive periods.…But when we have finished growing up, when we have reached a height we could consider as that which expresses us best, we can transform this force for growth into a force which will perfect our body, make it stronger and stronger, more and more healthy, with an ever greater power of resistance, and we shall practice physical training in order to become a model of physical beauty. And then, at the same time, we shall slowly begin and seek the perfection of character, of consciousness, knowledge, powers, and finally of the divine Realization in its fullness of the marvellously good and true, and of His perfect Love.

Volume 8, p.21

As soon as one wants to settle down and reap the benefits of one’s past efforts, as soon as one thinks that one has done what one has to do and accomplished what one had to accomplish, in short, as soon as one ceases to progress, to advance along the road to perfection, one is sure to fall back and become old.

Volume 12, p.259

Sri Aurobindo does not belong to the past nor to history. Sri Aurobindo is the Future advancing towards its realization. Thus, we must shelter the eternal youth required for a speedy advance, in order not to become laggards on the way.

Volume 13, p.5

Each dawn brings the possibility of a new progress. We move forward without haste, for we are sure of the future.

Volume 15, p.81




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