New Auroville Land Thanks to Your Donations

Donations to Acres for Auroville have enabled Auroville’s Land Board to acquire priority plots of missing land in many parts of the Master Plan area including, but not only: next to the Matrimandir, in the Transition School and Deepanam School areas, in Mahalakshmi Park, near the Solar Kitchen, in the International Zone, and in the City Area communities of Reve, Sharnga, and Shraddhanjali. Donations have also enabled the purchase of Greenbelt plots with water and other sustainability resources next to Siddhartha Farm/Irumbai Lake, and in the communities of Pitchandikulam, Miracle, Freedom, Fertile, and others.

The photos below show just some of the 29 plots and 45 acres acquired to date – all thanks to your donations!

Near the Matrimandir (its golden globe is just visible through the trees at the top left):

In the City Area in the Mahalakshmi Park, Arka, and Deepanam School zone:

In the City Area near the Solar Kitchen and near Reve:

In the International Zone:

In the Greenbelt near Irumbai, Kamataru, and Pitchandikulam: