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எல்எஃப்ஏயூ கடிதம் – 24 நவம்பர் 2021.pdf

LFAU – lettre du 24 novembre 2021.pdf


  24th November 1926 – 24th November 2021

  95 Years since the Critical Evolutionary Milestone in Sri Aurobindo’s World-Vision


Nobility: the incapacity for any pettiness either of sentiments or of action.” – The Mother


If there is one quality, one virtue, one characteristic trait that lies at the root of the selfless contributions that we at A4A have been receiving from friends of Auroville over the last 7 years, it is nobility. Without nobility, other things – such as collaboration, devotion and goodwill to the cause of Auroville – would not exist. In this and future issues of our quarterly letter, we will be presenting some examples of this nobility of human character and generosity for building the City of Dawn. Here’s the first donor aspiration that we are very pleased to share:


Bertrand is a Belgian national. Nobody ever told him about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother but he had heard and read about Auroville, and also about the need for Auroville land safeguarding. Then, he came across videos of interviews with disciples that Narad conducts and posts on YouTube. They touched him deeply and he felt his deeper connection with the place. He said “The videos with Narad and Mandakini inspired me to contribute directly and simply to Auroville.” Bertrand has since donated regularly to A4A for Auroville land purchase – over 30 times to date!  One day we asked him: “Bertrand, what if Auroville fails to live up to the image and expectation you have in your mind seen from a distance?  What if Auroville disappoints you in the future? Will you not regret having donated so much of your hard-earned money?” Bertrand replied: “It is not my expectations that must be lived up to. I am just happy that a symbol like Auroville exists and that I can somehow support it. No more, no less. No expectations, no judgments, no disappointments, no regrets. Simply.

Please note that Bertrand has written word symbol in italics meaning that he sees Auroville as a representative of  a universal movement since time immemorial for a better world – what Winston Churchill called “broad sunlit uplands” of human civilization, or what Dr, Karan Singh called “an arrow shot into the future.” Also, by calling Auroville a symbol, Bertrand is stressing the immeasurable importance of keeping Auroville up and bringing the Auroville reality closer to the vision.

As yet another of our donors once wrote to us:When we give, the world lights up, like the Sun, so that we can see one another.” Indeed, the steadfast and selfless collaboration of friends like Bertrand – and so many others – makes us see the nobility of the human soul.  Auroville is fortunate to have such friends – they ensure a bright future not only for Auroville but for the human race itself!

With trust in Auroville’s bright future,

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