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LFAU LETTER – 24th April 2021





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“விண்கலத்திற்கான ஆணைகள்” – 111 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன்பு!.pdf



From a certain beautiful and inspiring perspective, we, humanity as a whole, constitute a crew within “Spaceship Earth”. This Spaceship Earth is flying to a distant goal. What goal could that be? Over the millennia, some exceptional “crew members” tried to interpret and explain the goal. A few said: ‘There is no goal. We are just flying in vacant infinite space and the best thing to do is to get out of it, be liberated from the flying machine and merge into infinity.’ This discouraging and depressing perspective impacted the lives of many.

However, 111 years ago, in 1910, another exceptional crew member – a man of destiny – came to an unknown corner of Spaceship Earth called Pondicherry in South India. His name was Sri Aurobindo. He came under what he once termed as “sailing orders” received from the diviner powers that were guiding the steps of his life. Over the next four decades, he explored and explained the secrets,clues and keys that throw light on the voyage’s goal. The result? A new vision, and a new hope for the crew members of Planet Earth.

In essence, he said: The journey of the Earth has a significance. It is moving forward ceaselessly with a mission, a lofty and divine goal. That goal will bring about new levels of being, with new and better forms of life. In the end, there will be a new type of crew driving on to further steps and splendid vistas. Suffering and ignorance will finally become a thing of the past.

Auroville has been founded to pragmatically serve this new vision, this new approach to our lives and the meaning of humanity’s trajectory. Never in the history of Spaceship Earth has such knowledge, such comprehensive vision, and such a rich source of inspiration been available to guide us on the way.

“Acres for Auroville” provides an essential ingredient for Auroville to make an impact on the collective journey, orienting the “route” of the spaceship called Earth in the right direction. We invite your collaboration with the next steps of the “human crew” – and for progress towards a luminous goal!

With trust in Auroville’s bright future,





       Aryadeep                                                                                                            Mandakini



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