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Auroville Centre for Urban Research, Administrative Area,

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LFAU Letter – 21 February 2023.pdf

Lettre de Lands for Auroville Unified le 21 février 2023.pdf

எல்எஃப்ஏயூ கடிதம் – 21 பிப்ரவரி 2023.pdf


The Auroville Charter & The Auroville Festival
        (21st to 27th February 2023)

Dear friends and well-wishers of Auroville’s bright future,

The Charter of Auroville was written 21 days before Auroville’s Inauguration on 7th February 1968. As recorded in the Agenda, The Mother said after writing it: “It’s not me who wrote all this … I noticed something so interesting: when it comes, it’s imperative, there’s no room for arguing. I write it down – whatever I may be doing I am FORCED to write it down. But when it’s not there, it’s just not there! Even if I try to remember, nothing comes, it’s not there! So it’s clear that it doesn’t come from here: it comes from somewhere above.” In other words, the Charter of Auroville is not an action of the human intellect but an action of the consciousness which sees all things in their wholeness and Truth-Vision.

A learned person, the Sri Aurobindo scholar Kireet Joshi, once said that the Auroville Charter represents a “revolution”. We feel there is a great truth in this statement. More than a revolution, the Auroville charter could lead humanity, not just Auroville, to the goals of most of the revolutions of the past – a better world, a greater world, a luminous life and a glorious future for all. But to follow and to realise the Auroville Charter is a twofold challenge.

Firstly, the Charter must be understood and grasped deeply by means of frequent meditation and contemplation on it, for the more we dwell on it, the more it reveals its light and inspiration. The second challenge is posed to our human sincerity. Unless we align our entire being – thought, aspiration and actions – with the Auroville Charter, it will remain in the realms of ideals and vision.

Neither of these challenges is easy to meet given the complexity and imperfection of human nature, and the realities of life and collective evolution. The only thing to do is to hold on and hold out, to persist, to hold the mantra “Solvitur amulando”: “keep trying, keep experimenting”. As the famous quote says: “Success is an ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

This month marks the 55th birth anniversary of Auroville. Between the Mother’s birthday on 21st February and Auroville’s on the 28th , there is a gap of a week which is celebrated as the Auroville Festival. May this special week in Auroville celebrate our consecration to the ideals of the Charter. And radiating out from Auroville, may its ideals enter the life of humanity in general – paving the way to realising the profound revolution that its ideals enshrine and herald.

With trust in Auroville’s bright future,

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