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LFAU எல்எஃப்ஏயூ கடிதம் -15 ஆகஸ்டு 2022

15th August 2022 – the 150th Birthday of Sri Aurobindo

“Sri Aurobindo’s message is an immortal sunlight
radiating over the future.”
The Mother, 15 August 1972

One of the realities of human life is human blindness, our inability to see from the perspective of truth of things. We make our way forward by trial and error using available material data and the information offered by human history, and then we mentally speculate about the future. In this process, since the early dawn of human life, we have derived a major help from the light, knowledge, guidance and the inspiration of exceptional, impressive or inspiring individuals who appeared superior or enlightened to us. We draw upon from what they think, how they look at things, how they interpret things: Aristotle, Moses, Christ, Buddha, Vivekananda … the list has increased over the ages

At the present moment, we, humanity as a whole, are most fortunate because we have access to the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The message that we quoted at the start of this letter contains a world of meaning. For most people, the future is a big mystery about which they speculate. However, in Sri Aurobindo’s message and teaching, there is no speculation. It is a revelation from deeper realities of world existence. Therefore it is a sunlight shining over the future. The darkness of the night recedes. Things become visible in their truth of things. The challenge now is to live and embody this revelation.

The Mother once launched an invitation to us by saying: “Come to the Future”. In connection with Sri Aurobindo’s birth centenary, another message of hers was:

“Sri Aurobindo shows us the way towards a glorious future.”

Auroville is an attempt to embody this sunlight, this revelation in matter and in the fullness of life. In this sense, consolidation of Auroville’s remaining lands is akin to humanity’s welcome to that immortal sunlight, and the welcome allows this sunlight to nourish the human soil. The “Acres for Auroville” land campaign (A4A) was started on 15th August 2014 in that spirit. Today we are commencing the 9th year of our unity action aimed at purchasing the missing parts of Auroville’s designated material base. Together, let us welcome Sri Aurobindo’s “immortal sunlight” in Auroville’s material base for the harmonious development of the City of Dawn.

We thank you for joining hands for a “glorious future” in Auroville’s matter, body, and life.

With trust in Auroville’s bright future,

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