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24th November 2018 – Goodwill Activation Point

While replying to a question on the tremendous light and beauty
of Sri Aurobindo’s words, the Mother wrote:

“Who can understand Sri Aurobindo?
He is as vast as the universe and his teaching is infinite…
The only way to come a little close to him is to love him sincerely and give oneself
unreservedly to his work. Thus, each one does his best and contributes
as much as he can to that transformation of the world
which Sri Aurobindo has predicted.”

(2 December 1964, Ref: CWTM, Vol. 12, Chapter 39)


Just a few days before the inauguration of Auroville, the Mother “perched on a low stool and armed with a huge black felt-pen that draws cuneiform-like letters” started writing Auroville’s Charter while commenting on it to Satprem, a close disciple. And so, a unique document in the history of earth was born. It has given a quantum leap to civilization. It has widened the human horizon, firing up the imagination of people around the world. It has given a new challenge to the human spirit.
The vastness of Sri Aurobindo’s vision and teaching cannot but reflect themselves in the attempt for their realization on the physical plane. So, side by side, there is another challenge – the more external, physical challenge: building a unique universal town for this unique charter. For 50 years this has been the attempt. For 50 years, a great many dedicated dreamers have toiled in silence. Consequently, a base has been built, now with workers and seekers of 58 nationalities, each adding to the foundations and flowering of the unique township. This work has been supported by the efforts and collaboration of so many friends from all around the world. Their solidarity is particularly evidenced in the support they have brought for the gradual, step-by-step consolidation of Auroville’s land base, in particular, for the “Acres for Auroville” campaign over the past five years.
With more genuine workers and seekers joining the journey of Auroville, or supporting it from around the globe, the future cannot but be bright and beautiful. This 50th year is a happy landmark. Next, onward towards a well-developed and flourishing Auroville, celebrating her 75th year in 2043!!


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