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ACRES FOR AUROVILLE – 15 August 2018

“Beauty is as much an expression of the Divine, as knowledge, Power or Ananda.”

Sri Aurobindo

August 15th holds a distinct place in the progress of human history. The visionary of a new world – Sri Aurobindo – took birth on this date 146 years ago. 75 years later, on the same date, India attained her freedom and started a new journey.  One of the main purposes of Auroville is to open the collective consciousness to the truer consciousness. India has the honor of playing a major role in this journey by hosting and nurturing Auroville.

One of the marvels of the truer consciousness is Beauty. While commenting on the flower The Mother named “Beauty of tomorrow”, she explained it was “the beauty that will express the Divine Power” – the power that “uplifts and leads towards something higher”.  And she specifically mentioned Hibiscus as the flower of Auroville. Two different varieties of Hibiscus were specifically referred to as “Flowers of Auroville” – “Beauty of Supramental Love” with her comment: “It invites us to learn to live at its height”, and “Spiritual Beauty of Auroville” with her comment: “Spiritual beauty has a contagious power”.  We can be sure that as Auroville grows into the truth of her being, a higher beauty will spread through earth because of the contagious power at work behind the City of Dawn.

We have seen this contagion at work at “Acres of Auroville”. When we started the campaign four years ago, it was a seed, now grown into a beautiful strong plant. Thanks to a growing circle of friends, in each of the campaign’s four years, we have reached the yearly target. This has very significantly helped the Land Board to carry out its work of securing the missing plots in the township area. Surely, to contribute selflessly, solely out of goodwill, love and aspiration for a harmonious, unified and beautiful Auroville is a sign of spiritual beauty in one’s being. “Acres for Auroville” is now a beautiful collective tree nourished by more than 1200 gardeners. This 15th August 2018, it will embark on its 5th year.

Please specify “ACRES FOR AUROVILLE” (all Master Plan priority plots) or GreenAcres (exclusively Greenbelt plots) for all donations via Auroville Unity Fund (checks or bank transfers), Auroville Donation Gateway (credit or debit cards) or via Auroville International

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