Green Acres Flier – 15/08/2016

Today, 60 percent of the Greenbelt surrounding the City still needs to be purchased!

Auroville’s success in ecology, afforestation and organic farming, is one of the most visible signs to the world of its progress and evolution.

For decades, greenworkers expected that coexistence and collaboration through projects with the village landowners who farmed the traditional ecological way would create an eco-zone regardless of ownership.

However, times have changed drastically in the past 10 years. “The Auroville Area” is targeted by speculators, and the population in the villages is exploding due to massive migration to cities including Pondicherry. Well over a dozen commercial developments that are incongruous-in-spirit already scar the Greenbelt. Exploitation of fragile natural resources is bound to affect Auroville and the bio-region.

The GreenAcres campaign aims at securing 20 plots crucial for the immediate future of the Greenbelt. One year of the campaign now makes a first acquisition possible – but this can be but a first step! Plots are acquired per priorities worked out by Auroville’s Land Board. This collaboration ensures that Greenbelt lands acquired will have a maximum impact on Auroville’s overall development.

Fundraising for new projects in the Greenbelt is a further perspective in working towards the full manifestation of Auroville – its City and Greenbelt. In addition to land acquisition, we wish to strengthen Auroville’s Greenbelt by enhancing existing projects and starting new ones. See detailed project proposals in the donor login of GreenAcres.

The Auroville Greenbelt is an well-established Resource Center for eco- activities with projects ranging from organic farming, afforestation and biodiversity, watershed and food security, to waste recycling, ecological building, sustainable transport, solar and wind energy etc. Auroville Green Portal presents a multimedia insight into some of the ongoing activities. (Photo: a new nursery and afforestation project)

Make your green contribution today!
Your GreenAcres Team – Sigrid, Jasmin, Aryadeep, Mandakini

For donations, please specify ‘GreenAcres’: via Auroville Unity Fund (checks or bank transfers) – via Auroville Donation Gateway (credit or debit cards) -or via Auroville International

More information on the GreenAcres campaign, tax deductibility and donating:

GreenAcres is a campaign of ‘Lands for Auroville Unified’ LFAU