Creative Offerings for this Special 150th Year

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“Our ideal is not the spirituality that withdraws from life
but the conquest of life by the power of spirit.”

Sri Aurobindo

In this special 150th year, many creative efforts have been made to highlight Sri Aurobindo’s contributions. We are pleased to share here several offerings made by Aurovilians, Ashramites in Puducherry and Delhi, and friends abroad to add to the richness of this special year.

“Know Your Rhythm”
The beautiful image at the top of this page comes from « Know Your Rhythm » an international network of Integral Yoga artists and therapists, led by Arnab Bishnu Chowdhury of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. KYR has created 8 new meditative films of exceptional visual and auditive beauty. All of the eight films below are available for free viewing at Know Your Rhythm’s website:

The 45 minute meditative film “Who”
Sri Aurobindo’s complete poem “Who” is read by Jhumur Bhattacharya of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, accompanied by 50 musicians spanning the world from Auroville to Saint Petersburg. Visually it is a spectacle of inter-woven space images and videos from the NASA archives.

The seven short films of  “Savitri Marg Darshan”
These 7 films provide exquisite readings of selected passages from Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem « Savitri » as read by senior teachers at the Puducherry Ashram (Managing Trustee Manoj Dasgupta, Jhumur Bhattarcharya, Cristof Pitoeff, Ananda Reddy), Delhi Ashram (Chairperson Tara Jauhar), and Auroville (Shraddhavan and Srimoyi) many of whom received theatrical training from the Mother. Each film is ccompanied by original music and magnificent artwork visuals. Playlist:

The Auroville Choir
In February of this year, the Auroville Choir offered this exquisite and deeply moving performance at Auroville’s Kripa auditorium of OM TAT SAVITUR, Sri Aurobindo’s Gayatri Mantra, with orchestral accompaniment as arranged by Aurovilian Holger, based on the music of the late Ashramite Sunil. “This invocation is an offering from our hearts to Sri Aurobindo in celebration of his 150th birthday anniversary. We hope you join us in our sincere aspiration”

“Auroville Live” on AVI-USA’s site
The beautiful evocation of Sri Aurobindo’s Gayatri Mantra is also included in the listing of “Auroville Live” on the website of AVI USA. We highly recommend a visit to the ever-growing listing of this year’s offerings, including the film series “The Matrimandir and I”. AVI USA writes : “Auroville is not an idea. It is a living, breathing ecosystem, a being in the process of becoming… so we are happy to share livestreamed content that can connect you to the people and place that contain the spirit. We will feature the events directly from this page, and you can also visit and click “Subscribe” to stay informed of all the latest offerings.

Americo Piaggesi’s Musical Offerings
Americo Piaggesi is an Italian-French musician, a second-generation devotee, a family tradition started by his late mother Cesira Piaggesi. His soul-felt compositions have been moving audiences in France for many years, and very much so in this 150th year. We are pleased to share two of his 2022 works, but all of his works can be found at :

– From Sri Aurobindo’s “Last Poems”, the beautiful  “Thy Golden Light”
– and for the April 24th 2022 Darshan, a musical rendering of Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri – Book 1,
Canto 4 “When darkness deepens … “

La Grace Center online events
“We believe humanity is at a critical inflection point …. At La Grace, Sri Aurobindo Integral Life Center, we have chosen to be active participants in this developing new world paradigm.”

In addition to its weekly Sunday Sanghas, and OM chanting sessions with Narad, the center continues its online seminars and zoom meetings Notable are these two upcoming events :

* RIGVEDA – the vision of unity in the light of Sri Aurobindo – Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko
* Science and Spirituality in the light of Sri Aurobindo, Part 1: The End of the Curve of Reas on – Dr.Marco Masi





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