Art for Land


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« Floral Collage » by Dilip Patel (Water Colour on Handmade Paper)

ART FOR LAND – a collaboration of Unity Pavilion, AV Art Service, and A4A – has become a favorite in the Auroville calendar as well as a great support for the land. All the works for sale have been generously donated by 100 participating artists, with the proceeds going to the Acres for Auroville land campaign and used for the Land Board’s vital work of needed land consolidation.
Here’s a preview of what’s coming up as the newly-expanded AFL team embarks on another creative solidarity season of ART FOR LAND Year 6!


The 6th Art for Land exhibition – 2021 Edition will take place, as usual, on-site at its beautiful home at Auroville’s Unity Pavilion from Saturday 30th January till Tuesday 23rd February 2021 with works honoring the inspirations and generosity of artists from Auroville, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and friend-artists from India and around the world.
Great news – we are inaugurating a small AFL Boutique at Unity Pavilion so donated artworks can be directly procured throughout the year by those who physically visit us. The Boutique will be opening in the coming days from 10 AM to 4 PM – in time for shopping for Christmas and other end-of-the-year festive moments (Please check with Unity Pavilion for the exact inauguration date : 262-3576

Our team has expanded with several new members – some who come with professional art-world experience, and others with IT skills, all enabling us to widen our action as described below:

This year, there will be a greater emphasis on enhancing our on-line presence to reach a wider audience. We are updating the Art for Land website with clearer higher-quality images, and we are also working on connecting it directly to the Online Payment Gateway being put in place by Auroville Art Service.
Our aim is to extend our reach and embrace a collective coming-together of artists and art connoisseurs on the Art for Land platform, highlighting the AFL initiative for Auroville’s land, and bringing a wider audience of support for our artists. We envision a win-win for all those involved and a greater opening of possibilities as we work together in bringing forward art as a powerful and flourishing platform and showcase.
Another innovation – following upon last year’s widening to several Puducherry galleries, we aim to continue this wider participation and collaboration with galleries and artists outside Auroville – as in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. In the present circumstances, this will be on-line based – for the time being …
We thank all of the artists for the inspiration of their beauty and creativity, and for their generous support for Auroville’s land! See you at the Unity Pavilion and/or online at
In solidarity for the land and for art,

Here are some of the team members of Art for Land 2021:
front row (sitting): Rose, Chloé, Claudine, Rachel, Jaya, Gopika, Rolf
back row (standing) : Ashok, Kasthuri, Megha, Nidhish, Bharathi