4th April & 24th April – the final arrivals in Pondicherry of Sri Aurobindo and of The Mother

“Auroville will be the site of material and spiritual researches for a
living embodiment of an actual Human Unity”

The Mother

Auroville is the materialization of a long-cherished vision that is now anchored in the Earth.

Its high aspiration incarnates the deep sense of what we can live and be, as described in Sri Aurobindo’s words:

“The coming of a spiritual age must be preceded by the appearance of an increasing number of
individuals who are no longer satisfied with the normal intellectual, vital and physical existence of
man, but perceive that a greater evolution is the real goal of humanity and attempt to effect it in
themselves, to lead others to it and to make it the recognized goal of the (human) race. In
proportion as they succeed and to the degree to which they carry this evolution, the yet-unrealized
potentiality which they represent will become an actual possibility of the future.”

Each year new people come to continue the adventure…

and bring their lives & work to help build this Dream.

Friends and co-builders, wherever we live, let all renew our collaboration for the harmonious Manifestation of this vision – and help Auroville to secure its base, its designated Master Plan LAND!

Join the “Acres for Auroville Land Gift” for the City of Dawn’s still-missing land!!
Please specify your donations for ‘ACRES FOR AUROVILLE’ via Auroville Unity Fund (checks & bank transfers)
Online via credit/debit card or via your Auroville International center 

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Photo by Dominique Darr – Quotes: Part 4 of the Auroville Charter; “The Human Cycle”, p. 263