Art for Land 2024

4th February – 5th April at Auroville’s Unity Pavilion

Art for Land Exhibition – February – April 2024.pdf

The Unity Pavilion, a place of cultural and collective richness, is also the site of the Art for Land exhibition – a showcase for Auroville’s artistic creativity, and a means for raising funds to acquire Auroville’s still-missing land.

Over a hundred artists, from Auroville and beyond, have donated their creations – some on a regular yearly basis. It is thanks to the artists’s generosity and the solidarity of friends who purchase their works, that AFL has made significant contributions to land purchase over the past nine years. It is a beautiful cycle of generosity leading to generosity!

The now-running February 2024 exhibition is entitled “Dhyanam” (solitude; contemplation), and features many meditative pieces evoking Yoga and different cultures. It includes many newly-gifted works plus some that we had previously received but because of Covid had not been able to exhibit.


AFL’s previous year – 2023 – was a great success with its two solo exhibitions by Auroville artists: the first an exhibition by Pierre Legrand … and the second, a showing of large acrylics on canvas by Audrey, a fitting way to honor her before her recent passing.

As a result of the positive response, Art for Land now plans to have two major exhibitions – with one as always for Sri Aurobindo’s 15th August Birthday Celebrations – as well as maintaining a running series of smaller exhibitions through the year.

For Art for Land, 2024 has brought new people into our work, bringing fresh energy that gives our dreams the potential to manifest!

One of our Artist donors, Mr Janaki Raman from Pondicherry has donated a very large number of his artworks – watercolors depicting the local surroundings of Tamil Nadu as well as a series of large symbolic-surrealistic oils on canvas with amazing colors.

He now also opens a new collaboration with AFL by offering Art classes at Unity Pavilion two mornings a week. This will mainly take place out doors in our beautiful gardens.

An exciting new complementary project is also on its way: the creation of a permanent Auroville Art Collection, with works by Ashram and Auroville artists as well as artists from outside who are connected to Auroville and Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s work. We hope to be able to write more definitely about this development by August this year.

The Unity Pavilion Team of Jaya and Shivaya, Kasthuri, Arun, Bharati, Doris, Sangha, Kannan, Chitra and Poorani is now enriched by the contributions of Silky, Sai Suresh and Riju:
– Silky has been curating our exhibitions for the last four years – and her curator’s talent and aesthetic sense have always been greatly appreciated.
– Sai Suresh now manages the sound for our events.
– Longtime Aurovilian Riju is the Events Manager for Unity Pavilion – its packed program of conferences and programs ensures a large number of visitors and wide exposure to the Art for Land exhibitions.

In addition to the beauty of our exhibitions, viewers and visitors have the opportunity to visit the Hall of Peace – with its magnificent Peace Table for the continent of Asia.

Our exhibitions always incorporate cultural evening events, the Generosity Fair and the Generous Afternoon Tea party.

The small Art for Land Boutique shop, upstairs at Unity Pavilion, is a place for buying small art pieces, prints, and books and continues to develop. It is open for browsing and buying all year-round.

Exhibition and Unity Pavilion visitors can also go into the quiet beauty of the newly enlarged gardens to refresh with serene time in nature …

… and also connect with Auroville aspirations since the garden now beautifully exhibits panels with Sri Aurobindo’s “Five Dreams”, The Mothers “A Dream”, the Auroville Charter, the Twelve Qualitites of The Mother, and the text of “To be a true Aurovilian”.

There are so many beautiful works in the Art for Land collection, and in addition to in-person viewing and purchase at Unity Pavilion, all are available for sale online throughout the year on the Art for Land website

As always, all sales go through the Auroville Art Service and the funds that come in from sales go to the Acres for Auroville land campaign (AFL’s sponsor) for Master Plan land purchase (for the City and the Greenbelt) … and donations are also warmly welcomed!

This work keeps inspiring us! and I want to express gratitude to all who are part in any way of supporting the securing of the lands for Auroville – for The Mother, for us and for future generations.

With love, gratitude and appreciation,

Jaya, for Art for Land and the Unity Pavilion

along with Mandakini, for Acres for Auroville & Aryadeep, for Lands for Auroville Unified







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