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Matrimandir – Garden of the Unexpected


1. Acres for Auroville Flier – 24 November 2022
2. LFAU Letter – 24 November 2022
3. A Whole Life Dedicated to Auroville – By Paul Vincent
4. The Road to the Life I Always Desired – By Tia Pleiman
5. Sri Aurobindo’s Five Dreams


Dear friends and benefactors of Auroville’s bright future,

We are happy to present the new November 2022 issue of our quarterly land fundraisers’ newsletter. Our dedicated goal is to create awareness of the need to consolidate and complete Auroville’s physical base and thereby raise the needed funds for this essential action.

Our quarterly reports are published on the occasion of four milestones in the lives and evolutionary yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Your offerings to Auroville are greatly appreciated and are rooted in your deep goodwill and solidarity. Our newsletters keep you in touch with Auroville, provide news and also serve as reminders of our common goal – they are what we call Goodwill Activation Points and unite us on the journey of building Auroville.

Over the now 9 years since we started the newsletter we have enriched its content. From a mere encouraging flier and a letter of inspiration, it has grown to provide profiles of pioneering long-time Aurovilians, and today’s aspiring newcomers, information about significant solidarity actions, and striking quotes from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, along with updates on land consolidation. Our next February 21st issue will share the details of the latest good news concerning new Auroville land !

In this issue, the A4A flier presents Sri Aurobindo and The Mother’s visions of the way ahead accompanied by a photo of a pathway in Auroville’s new Garden of the Unexpected; the LFAU letter with its perspectives on the current Auroville events; the rich and enriching life path of newcomer Tia Pleiman; and the journey to and in Auroville of Paul Vincent who has spent 50 years in service to the Mother’s vision. His story will prove once again the existence and workings of the secret Will we speak about in the LFAU letter. We finish this special 150th year with the text of Sri Aurobindo’s landmark “Five Dreams” broadcast on India’s Independence Day, 15th August 1947.

Pathway in the Garden of the Unexpected

1. Acres for Auroville Flier – 24th November 2022

Auroville was created to be a first pathway towards a spiritual future. Inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s evolutionary vision of a “progressing universal harmony”. The Mother stated “Auroville is the place where this new way of living is being worked out”. And because the way forward is “a completely new road”. The Mother called it the “Great Adventure” – inviting us to help build this pioneering path and progressively advance together, step by precious and often difficult step! Please click here for the English plus Version française en pdf and பிடிஎஃப்பில் தமிழ்ப் பதிப்பு

AUM in Purple by an Auroville artist

2. LFAU Letter – 24th November 2022

These are turbulent times in the world, as well as in Auroville. And in these heightened times, we keep faith, helped by remembering the long-term view, and also by what is the secret of Auroville: the deeper soul connection that has brought most Aurovilians to Auroville and which connects friends and donors to Auroville. We are together – united at a deeper level – and sharing a common hope, a common vision and a common adventure. Please click here for the English plus Version française en pdf and பிடிஎஃப்பில் தமிழ்ப் பதிப்பு

3. A Whole Life Dedicated to Auroville – By Paul Vincent

Arriving in 1972, Auroville pioneer Paul Vincent has spent the past 50 years in dedicated service to The Mother’s vision. Starting in childhood, he was led through unexpected events to a deep spiritual search and his Auroville destiny. He started his life in Auroville as a carpenter. Paul has set up four Auroville communities, worked on forest creation, architecture with Roger Anger, security and tsunami relief, the Master Plan, land protection, and more. We are pleased to share Paul’s rich story and his life of contributions. Click here for the complete article.


4. The Road to the Life I Always Desired – By Tia Pleiman

Tia Pleiman is an American art therapist and educator who “fell in love” with Auroville in 2006, where she discovered The Mother and Sri Aurobindo whose works expanded and transformed her life and work. She has contributed over the years to several Auroville and AV outreach schools, and is now an official “Newcomer”. For Tia, Auroville provides the “creative, spiritual, multi-cultural, educational and environmental qualities” of the life she has always desired. Please click here for the complete article.

Johannes Hohlenberg’s 1913 painting of Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry

5. Sri Aurobindo’s Five Dreams!

Very significantly, India attained its independence on the 15th of August 1947, Sri Aurobindo’s 75th birth anniversary. On that historic occasion, All India Radio requested Sri Aurobindo to give a message to a free India, broadcast on the transitional night of August 14th. In this message Sri Aurobindo spoke of his “Five Dreams” – for India, humanity, and the world. To finish this landmark 150th year, we share Sri Aurobindo’s historic message. Please click here.

There are many ways to make your donation. Please click here to know the details and recent changes for both foreign and Indian donors. When you donate, kindly send us a mail at or write a letter or call us (see contacts below), informing us of your donation so we can better track and immediately respond to your solidarity!

Now in the 9th year of the A4A campaign, we thank all the many friends
who are bringing their encouragement and solidarity
for the City of Dawn, creating a dynamic space
for the ideal of human unity to flourish and grow – a hope for us all !


Thank you for joining your hands of collaboration!


In solidarity and trust in Auroville’s bright future,


Aryadeep and Mandakini
For the Acres for Auroville team

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