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13 August – 17 September
10 – 4.30 daily
Auroville’s Unity Pavilion

To honor Sri Aurobindo’s Birthday with one more celebration for His 150th Anniversary, we are holding the 2023 main Art for Land Exhibition, from August 13th till September 17th, with the title:

Individual and Collective Auroville – Moving Forward Together

The opening was a friendly fika session – coffee, tea, and cakes – with conversation focused on Auroville’s land and what more can be done to secure it.

The symbol of our collective unity – the Banyan tree at the Matrimandir – is the exhibition’s central artistic theme. It was this tree that The Mother first identified as the heart and center of the international township to come. It remains our place of connecting inside ourselves and outwards to each other, fellow travellers towards something better, deeper, and higher – the path that Auroville is meant to create for the future that beckons.

We are grateful for the continuing solidarity response from our many Artist supporters, who are once again coming forward to donate their works for another beautiful exhibition.

We are very happy for the participation this year of Cedric Brognard who spearheaded the co-created artwork of the Banyan tree (featured in our poster), from the “Roots from the Sky” project held at Auroville’s Centre d’Art this past spring.

Cedric has generously contributed this exceptional work to AFL’s collection of works for sale for the Land. We are grateful to the Centre d’Art for facilitating this and our hope is that this beautiful Banyan tree will find its home in one of the many Auroville centers or Ashram-connected institutes around the world.

For those of you who do not have the possibility to attend the Exhibition in person, we invite you to visit the online gallery of our Art for Land Website where you can view and purchase artworks online all year-round Our Art for Land Boutique at the Unity Pavilion also remains open year-round for art purchases and we invite you to visit it. These artworks will create a wonderful space in your home, in your meditation area, or make beautiful and memorable gifts for your dear ones. For Diwali and Christmas, this is a gift possibility with great meaning!

Join our chain of Generosity and let us all be strong links with an affirmation that by participating in so many ways, we can together secure the lands for Auroville. We know that even in difficult times, we are all united around securing and protecting the lands of Auroville. All the funds generated from the the artwork sales go to secure the lands for Auroville through the Acres for Auroville land campaign.

Below is the explanation of Cedric’s Banyan Tree project as shared by Dominique Jacques of the Centre d’Art at Citadines, followed by glimpses of just some of the many works contributed by Auroville and friend artists. The Exhibition holds many many more treasures of creativity – all donated in solidarity for Auroville’s land!

With Love and Appreciation,
Jaya, for Art for Land Team


The Co-Created Banyan Tree Project – as described by Dominique Jacques, Centre d’Art

“Come and draw the Banyan Tree with us!”

It was to meet a tree that Cedric Bregnard returned to Auroville. For years Cedric has been immortalizing trees around the world, ancestral specimens of different species, of these sacred beings that border on immortality.

And ten years after his first stay in Auroville, the Swiss artist had an appointment with the monumental Banyan tree that reigns in the gardens of the Matrimandir.

What started as an individual photographic project evolved over time and circumstances into a collective performance. On the Centre of Art’s walls, like an immense fresco, a photographic panorama representing the banyan tree in shades of grey welcomed the public who was invited to participate.

With Cedric’s guidance, the public was invited to give back contrast to this monumental photograph of the Banyan by intervening with black ink on the half-tone image. All those who wanted to (no need to be an artist, we are all creators, says Cedric), entered this particular space/time where they – by “writing” on the image of the tree – restored it in all its presence.

“It’s a physical encounter – explains Cedric – the spirit of the tree remains imprinted on the film. By intervening on the shadows, we bring out the light, by getting lost in the infinite details of the texture of the bark or the leaves, we bring it back to life, out of time.”

Before beginning, Cedric explained the tonality of the experience:

You will enter and leave your worries and fears at the door.
You will be in a non-mental attitude.
You will be given a brush/pen and will be assisted in the expression of your personal calligraphy.
You will be alone and in the midst of others.
Your gestures will become a spontaneous dance in communion with the tree, a tribute to the living.

This was a unique project, where the participants were the authors and beneficiaries of the experience with the giant tree – face to face. When seeing the results, what strikes you is the surprising beauty and homogeneity of a work done by so many different people. According to Cedric this harmony comes from the inner attitude of the participants. Everyone participates with a common and respectful intention, in a personal gesture without judgment. He wrote:

“With the Roots from the Sky project ⵣ, we experienced the fascinating beauty that can emanate
from a great diversity of individual strokes, strengths and characters in the service of a common goal,
as in this case of bringing the vibration of the venerable Matrimandir Banyan to life on paper. I was
deeply moved to accompany so many participants during the meeting with the Banyan at the Centre
d’Art Citadines and to see how the emotion of the hearts overcomes differences, brings everyone
together and harmonises one in kindness towards oneself and others.”

The artwork has been donated to Auroville’s “Art for Land” to raise support for Auroville land purchase via the Acres for Auroville campaign. We are grateful to Cedric and Auroville’s Centre d’Art for this beautiful example and generous support!

Now, just some of the other donated works in the 2023 Art for Land collection
– and with our gratitude to all of the participating AFL artists –

shown below, by Auroville artists Adil Writer, Anna Maria, Janakiraman, Crystal, & Ivana Frousova:






With our gratitude to all of the participating artists!

Art for Land
Acres for Auroville


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