Our 2019 New Year’s Card For The Land

Dear Friends and Donors to Auroville’s Unified Land Base,

The new year 2019 is upon us, and Auroville’s 50th anniversary is receding with a bright trail that points to brighter things to come.  May Auroville – the City of Dawn – continue to grow and glow with light for the world in this, her 51st year ahead!

“Lands for Auroville Unified” (LFAU) and its two campaigns – “Acres for Auroville” and “GreenAcres” – have been working non-stop to raise funds for Auroville’s land, an urgent and essential need. Our annual New Year’s card is part of this action, and we are very pleased to share with you the e-version of this year’s card.

This year, our card commemorates the beautiful and inspiring Water Ceremony that took place during the early hours of February 28th 2018. Water from 321 water sources of 77 countries were joined together as a symbol of unity and peace. Through these links, you can read more about the Ceremony and see the live streaming of the Ceremony as it happened.

Thanks to the contribution of a benefactor, we will be able to send a hard-copy of our New Year’s card by post to our contributors – in addition to this e-version to all our friends and supporters. The card will be sent out in the coming days. If you are a donor and you don’t wish to receive it, please let us know at lfau@auroville.org.in If you are not yet a donor and would like to receive a card, please write us with your postal address (and it’s never too late to make your donation for Auroville’s land & her harmonious development!)

For donors and friends in Auroville, the card will be available in many key places in addition to Town Hall and the LFAU Office on the 1st floor. The card is given for free as an offering, and is not to be sold anywhere.

Land donations from friends like you have enabled Auroville’s Land Board to add over 45 acres of previously-missing Master Plan land to the Auroville mosaic in the last 4 years. Each year, your donations have brought Auroville closer to a more consolidated land base. Present circumstances show that your support remains vital, and precious. Solidarity works … so let us keep up our collective dynamism!

Auroville hosts so many examples of inspiration and ingenuity in the service of humanity – spiritually and materially. Just recently, Auroville Consulting set up a search engine named “Solar Village” whose proceeds will go for install solar panels in 200 villages of Tamil Nadu, aiming to benefit some 200,000 people in the long run.

By supporting Auroville’s harmonious land consolidation, you strengthen Auroville’s ability to be a luminous beacon of light!

With confidence in Auroville’s bright future, our sincere appreciation, and our warmest wishes for 2019!

Lands for Auroville Unified (LFAU) and its two campaigns
“Acres for Auroville” (all Master Plan land)
& GreenAcres (Greenbelt only)